Manuals + Instructions

Cleaning Instructions

SurgiTel Cleaning & Disinfection Instructions

User Manuals (Current Products)

Front-Lens-Mounted telescopes (100)
Through-The-Lens telescopes (200)
Ergo Frame adjustments (300)
Headband User Guide (400)
Fixed Headband with Iris Manual (500)
Mini/Micro LED Headlight  (600)
Eclipse LED Headlight  (625)
Odyssey Wireless LED Headlight (650)
Odyssey Wireless Air LED Headlight (675)
Fiber Optic Lights, general guide  (700)
XLS 180, Fiber Optic Light source  (800)
XLS 300, FIber Optic Light source  (900)
SurgiCam Pro  (1000)
SurgiCam HD Quick-Start Guide  (1025)
SurgiCam HD Full Manual  (1050)
Headband LED Headlight (1100)
ST250 TTL (1200)
Loupe and Light Case Arrangement (1300)

User Manuals (Discontinued Products)

MagView FLM (1400)
Starlight LED Headlight (1500)
1W LED Headlight (1600)
Mini Halogen Light (1700)
HLT 150, Fiber Optic Light source (1800)
HLT 200, Fiber Optic Light source (1900)
Skylight Curing Light (2000)
SurgiCam (First Generation) (2100)
ErgoComfort Chairs (2200)

Video Support Files (Flash Media Player may be required)

Telescope support videos

FLM telescopes: Removing an FLM Assembly from your Frame(2550)
Ergo frames adjusting double nose pads (5103)
FLM telescopes - declination angle adjustment / lock down (5112)
FLM telescopes - link hinge adjustment / tightening (5113)
FLM telescopes - link hinge tightening with center screw (5114)
FLM telescopes pupil distance knob adjustment / lock down (5115)
Adjusting the Declination Angle on Front-Lens-Mounted Loupes (2600)
Adjusting the Declination Angle on SurgiTel Ergo Frames (2700)
Replacing a Broken Pivot Slide (2800)
Adjusting your Aero Frame Nosepads to Raise or Lower your Oculars (2900)
How to adjust your Titanium Frames to better fit a lose Low Nose Bridge (3000)
Changing your Working Distance Caps (3100)
Adjusting Metal Frames to Correct Dipvergence (3200)
Adjusting the Convergence Angle on Metal Frames (3300)
Offsetting a Front-Lens-Mounted Ocular Assembly for an Asymmetrical Interpupillary Distance (3400)
Restoring FLM Loupe Flip-Up Tension (3500)
Removing a Screw with Rounded Out Head from your FLM Loupes (3600)
Attaching Light Unit to SurgiTel TTL Loupes by Removing Name Plate (3700)
Adjusting Your Titanium Frame For Better Alignment With Your FLM Loupes (3800)
How to Properly Put-On and Take-Off Your Loupes (3900)
Adjusting your FLM Loupes to Correct Dipvergence (3950)

Collecting the Required Information to Troubleshoot TTL Loupes (4000)

Headlight support videos

Attaching your LED Headlight with Dovetail Adaptor to your Through-the-Lens Loupes (5000)
Tightening light unit side to side tension (5101)
Tightening light unit up down tension (5102)
Fiber optic cable - attaching and removing from telescopes (5104)
Fiber optic cable - attaching to source box adjusting beam size  (5105)
Fiber optic cable - cable care instructions (5106)
Fiber optic cable - routing options (5107)
Fiber optic cable - routing through ergo headband (5108)
Fiber optic cable - routing through frame (5109)
Fiber optic cable - routing through surgical headcap (5110)
Fiber optic source box HLT 150HLT 200 bulb placement (5111)
LED headlight - connecting to battery pack (5117)
LED headlight - routing through the frame (5118)
Mini halogen light - attaching and removing from telescopes (5119)
Mini halogen light - bulb replacement (5120)
Mini halogen light - general instructions (5121)
Mini halogen light - routing instructions beam direction focusing (5122)
Attaching your LED Headlight with Clip Adaptor to your Front-Lens-Mounted Loupes (5100)
Eclipse Motion Demonstration (5200)
If Your Eclipse LED Headlight Sensor Does Not Activate Correctly
Changing Your Eclipse LED Headlight's Activation Distance
Changing Your Light Adaptor (5400)
Attaching a Laser Filter to an Aero Frame with a Dovetail Light Adaptor(5500)
Attaching a Laser Filter to an Aero Frame with a Clip Light Adaptor(5600)
Replacing the Belt Clip Mount on your Battery Pack
Attaching your Dovetail Style Headlight Adaptor to Your Ergo Frames (6800)
Attaching your Dovetail Style Headlight Adaptor to Your Aero Frames (6900)
Attaching your Dovetail Style Headlight Adaptor to Your Frame's Slide Retainer (7000)
Attaching your Dovetail Style Headlight Adaptor to Your Sports Frame (7100)
Attaching your Clip Style Headlight Adaptor to Your Aero Frames (7200)
Attaching your Clip Style Headlight Adaptor to Your Frame's Slide Retainer (7300)
Adjusting your Dovetail Adaptor for an Easier Fit (7400)
How to use the TTL Lightweight Dove Tail Adaptor (7500)
How to Dislodge a Frozen Inner Lens Housing (8000)
Flip Wireless LED Light Adapter to fit Special Configurations (8015)
Removing the Clip Part from a Clip Adaptor to Create a Dovetail Adaptor (8025)
Replacing the Dove Tail Part of your LED Dove Tail Adapter (8050)
Attaching a Curing Filter to Your LED Headlight (8100)
Adjusting Your LED Headlight to Center your Light Beam on your Through-the-Lens Loupes (8200)
Adjusting Your LED Headlight to Center your Light Beam on your Front-Lens-Mounted Loupes (8300)
Replacing the Battery Cell in Your Battery Pack (8400)
Replacing a Defective Micro or Mini LED & Cable (8500)
Replacing a Defective Eclipse LED & Cable (8600)

Miscellaneous support videos

Cleaning Your Loupes (8650)
Attaching a New Retainer Strap (8700)
Changing from Single Nose Pads to a String Nose Pad(8750)
Replacing an Oakley M Frame Lens (8800)
Headband adjustment (8825)
Adjusting Drop-in Filter or Rx for a Better Fit (8850)
Adjusting Your ErgoFit Nose Pad (8875)
Removing and Attaching a Half Jacket 1.0 or Flak Jacket Temple Arm (9000)
Measuring the Working Distances in Each Ocular (9200)
Rotating Ziess Cylinder Before Attaching SurgiTel Light Adaptor (9300)
Changing the Lens in an Oakley Radar Frame (9400)
Replacing Your Oakley Radar Nosepad (9500)
Changing Your Oakley Flak Jacket Lenses (9600)
Replacing Your Oakley Flak Jacket Nosepads (9650)
Adjusting Aero Frame Temple Arms for a Better Fit (9700)
Attaching Side Shields to your Aero Frame (9800)
Attaching Side Shields to your Ergo Frame (9900)
Attaching Side Shields to your ComfortFlex Frame (10000)
Bending Aero 2.0 Temple Arms for a Better Fit (10100)
Adjusting the Working Distance of a SurgiCam (10115)
Adjusting Garment Clips to Better Fit Slimmer Cables (10125)

Replacing the Dove Tail Light Adapter on your Oakley Flak Jacket and Sundog Prime Frames (10150)
Attaching a SurgiTel LED Adapter to your Orascoptic Rudy Project Frames (10175)

Using Your Loupe Case to Store Your Loupe & Light (10200)
Properly Plugging in Your Eclipse Cable (10300)
Removing ErgoFit Nose Pad and Replacing Carrier Lens of Radar EV (10350)

Changing Single Lenses in Sports Frames (10400)

Removing ErgoFit Nose Pad and Replacing with Original Oakley Nose Pad(s) (10450)


EVX/EVC/EVK Telescopes on Ergo Frame (10300)
GL Telescopes on Standard Frame (10400)
Aero Frame Replacement Parts (10500)
Ergo Frame Replacement Parts (10600)
Oakley Flak Jacket Frame Replacement Parts (10700)
Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Frame Replacement Parts (10800)
Oakley M Frame Replacement Parts (10900)
Oakley Radar Frame Replacement Parts (11000)
Standard Frame Replacement Parts (11100)
Light Adaptor Guide (11200)
TTL Loupe Position Photos (Required for TTL Evaluation) (11300)

Product Brochures

SurgiTel Main Product Brochure (11400)
All-New Micro250 Product Insert (11500)
SurgiCam Pro Digital Video Camera (11600)
Xenon Light System (11700)
ErgoComfort Seating Flyer (11800)
Eclipse: Touch-Free LED Headlight (11900)

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