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5 Requirements for Clinical LED Headlights

ErgoPractice News – August 2015
By Jin Chang PhD

SurgiTel’s Patented Multi-Lens Optical System Enhances Your Work

After multiple generations of light designs, SurgiTel developed and patented our multi-lens, achromatic light optics system. Most manufacturers default to using simple beam-forming optical systems with single lenses.

SurgiTel invested in developing this unique system with a single goal in mind: enhancing the clinician’s ease and quality of work. Simply put, a problem you can’t see is a problem you can’t solve.

An LED headlight which truly enhances the clinician’s work must 1) produce a uniform beam, 2) must not produce glare in patients’ eyes, 3) be consistent in color and uniformity as working distance changes, 4) have no separated blue light, and 5) be lightweight and comfortable. SurgiTel’s patented system is the only one on the market which can satisfy all 5!

In order to see best, a light must produce a uniform beam (see Beam Quality). If a beam is uneven, we will perceive a spot of overly bright glare in the center, and a dim lack of detail on the periphery. In addition, an uneven beam edge makes it nigh impossible to prevent glare getting into the patient’s eyes during dental procedures. A clear edge makes this easy for the clinician to control and prevent. And a lightweight system is required for a comfortable and pleasant working experience.

For these reasons Clinicians Report awarded SurgiTel’s Micro LED Headlight a CR Choice rating for highest results in CR multi-product comparisons, citing it as a “Small bright LED headlamp with lowest blue peak, best color accuracy, lightweight, no glare in patients’ eyes, and overall excellent grade.” *

What does your light look like? Is it always clear and consistent? Does it accurately portray the true colors of your work? Is it comfortable to wear and use?

If not, consider SurgiTel’s loupe-mounted LED with patented achromatic beam forming optics. Make your work easier, faster and better with an upgrade to SurgiTel’s premium light system!

(Other requirements include protection from the blue light hazard and technologies to avoid cross-contamination, which we will address in upcoming issues.)

*An independent, non-profit, dental education and testing foundation, Clinicians Report, December, 2013. For the full report go to