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What They Didn’t Teach You About Selecting Loupes in School!

ErgoPractice News – June 2021 Selection Guide of Loupes When we purchase loupes, we should consider several important factors such as loupe mounting styles, magnification power, field size, declination angle, frame design, nose pad options, and maintenance cost. These factors are evaluated based on working distance, working posture (sitting or standing), and facial features such […]

Evolution of Loupes and Unique Advantages of SurgiTel Ergonomic FLM Loupes

ErgoPractice News – April 2021 Some of the clinicians who have used SurgiTel FLM (front-lens-mounted) loupes do not like TTL (through-the-lens) loupes because the magnified field size of TTL loupes is too large (more than needed) and the blind spot (or called scotoma) of TTL loupes between the peripheral visual field and the magnified vision […]

Designed for Female Clinicians: SurgiTel Ergonomic Loupes and LED Headlights

ErgoPractice News – February 2021 SurgiTel Products Designed for Female Clinicians Recognizing physical differences between female clinicians and male clinicians, SurgiTel has developed loupes and LED lights that meet special requirements of female clinicians. The main physical differences of the average female clinician compared to the average male clinician are narrower head width, smaller noses, […]

A New Start to Practice Dentistry and Surgery Pain-Free: Resolve to Protect Your Health in 2021

ErgoPractice News – January 2021 A New Start to Practice Dentistry and Surgery Pain-Free: Resolve to Protect Your Health in 2021 Two major health risks faced by dental professionals as well as surgeons are chronic pain in the neck and shoulder caused by using improperly fitted loupes1, 2, 3 and potential age-related macular degeneration (AMD) […]

Zoom Loupes VS Multiple Pairs with Different Magnification Powers

ErgoPractice News – December 2020 Orascoptic EyeZoom VS SurgiTel Prism Loupes Several multiple magnification designs have been considered by SurgiTel and other companies over many years. You may read our August 2017 ErgoPractice eNews article on “Multiple Magnification Loupes: 1987 to Today” for more information.1 It is noted that our survey indicates most people do […]

Why Should SurgiTel 3.5x Prism Loupes with True-Color LED Headlights Be the Standard for Next Generation Dentists?

ErgoPractice News – November 2020 Summary: The field size of SurgiTel 3.5x prism loupes is similar to the field size of 2.5x Galilean loupes. SurgiTel loupes can be either TTL (through-the-lens) style or FLM (front-lens-mounted) style. SurgiTel frames with true custom nose pads allow custom fitting and optimum vision. SurgiTel prism loupes can be used […]

Choosing Loupes for Dental School: 3 Most Common Myths in the Loupe Industry Demystified

ErgoPractice News – September 2018 Choosing the right loupe and light can be a daunting and confusing task, especially because different sources will be disseminating different information. There are a number of myths that influence buyers, particularly students when making these purchases. Since everyone may agree that high-quality optics and precision alignment are essential requirements, […]

ACS Surgery News Recognizes the Working Pain Epidemic

ErgoPractice News – July 2016 In the April 2016 issue of the ACS Surgery News, the Official Newspaper of the American College of Surgeons, the front page featured “Operating with pain: Surgeon workplace injury underrecognized.” The clinicians on the ACS Communities Online Forum reacted strongly and several of their letters were printed in the June 2016 issue. We […]