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Ergonomics 101

ErgoPractice News – January 2023 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Summary Nearly all loupe wearers consider loupe ergonomics as one of the important factors in selecting loupes. Despite this, we find that many of the loupes sold as “ergonomic loupes” do not meet ergonomic requirements. This is why SurgiTel’s mission has been to improve the […]

Frames 101 – Choosing the Right Frame

ErgoPractice News – November 2022 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Summary There are two main goals for this newsletter. The first is to help customers select a frame that is best for their needs and facial features. The second is to highlight the advantages of SurgiTel and Oakley frames. Frames Designed for Loupes Not all […]

Choosing the Best Loupes and Lights for You and Your Procedures

ErgoPractice News – October 2022 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Summary SurgiTel® has developed the widest range of loupes and headlights available. With complete options, determining which magnification and illumination products are best for you comes down to you and your procedures. SurgiTel Loupes With the introduction of ErgoDeflection™ loupes, SurgiTel now has four main […]

Why Are Warm LED Headlights an Excellent Dental Illumination Option?

ErgoPractice News – September 2022 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Summary The main purpose of clinical illumination is to help clinicians see anatomical features which are unique to their procedures. Recognizing that one style of LED light cannot meet illumination requirements for various clinical cases, SurgiTel has been offering four LED colors: warm (about 3000K), […]

Roles of SurgiTel’s Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM) Loupes for a Pain-Free Practice

ErgoPractice News – July 2022 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Summary SurgiTel’s Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM) loupes are the only customizable loupes with a full range of magnification powers, allowing customers to create a custom declination angle for their maximum neck comfort.1 In this issue, we will review the important roles that SurgiTel’s customizable FLM loupes has […]

Considerations in Purchasing Deflection Loupes

ErgoPractice News – June 2022 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Summary Loupes can offer two benefits to users. The first benefit is the improved vision (i.e., magnified images) and the second benefit is the improved working ergonomics (i.e., safe working posture). All loupes can provide users with the first benefit, but many loupes cannot provide […]

Testimonial – Dr. Rachel Perry

“I Have No Hesitation in Recommending SurgiTel as My Number One Choice.” Rachel Perry, BSc, BVM&S, MANZCVS (Small Animal Dentistry & Oral Surgery), PGCert (VetEd), FHEA, Dipl.EVDC, MRCVS, EBVS ® European Veterinary Specialist, Dentistry RCVS Specialist, Veterinary Dentistry Honorary Lecturer in Dentistry in Clinical Science and Services, Royal Veterinary College, London Dr. Rachel Perry became a veterinary […]

Success at SurgiTel: 30 Years of Vision & Ergonomics

ErgoPractice News – May 2022 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Summary In 1992 SurgiTel was founded as a Division of General Scientific Corporation. SurgiTel’s founding mission has been to improve the way medical, dental and veterinary professionals work. During the last 30 years, SurgiTel has obtained over 40 patents and developed necessary technologies to manufacture […]

Traditional Straight Loupes Vs. Deflection Loupes

ErgoPractice News – April 2022 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Summary The recent introduction of deflection (or refraction) loupes in the U.S. market by LumaDent (ErgoPrism loupes), Design for Vision (Infinity Vue loupes), and other companies has helped clinicians recognize the importance of ergonomic loupes to prevent posture-related neck pain. It is noted that deflection […]

The way to Activate A SIM Card On T-Mobile?

What’s a SIM card? Well, it stands for “Subscriber Identity Module” card, however the reality is that you’ve very much less details about this small piece of plastic discovered within the steel pullout of your telephone. On your data, a SIM card is made up of small circuitry board and is used to speak with […]