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Tips for Buying Truly Ergonomic Loupes

Tips for Buying Truly Ergonomic Loupes Excessive neck/head tilt is the main cause of clinicians’ neck pain. Holding any body part out of balance stresses the supporting muscles and skeletal structure. Doing this for days and years on end can lead to excruciating pain and irreparable injury. Stress on the neck and spine increases exponentially […]

LED Headlights as Clinical Illumination: Questions Raised by Clinicians and Answers

Traditional illumination systems used thermal light sources such as halogen and xenon which have continuous spectral distributions, but white LED lights consist of two spectral bands: “Blue” spectral band and “Green-Red” spectral band. Figure 1 shows spectral distributions of four light sources: two thermal light sources and two LED light sources.¹ LED headlights as the […]