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Truth in True Color LED Light Safety: Orascoptic’s TruColor™ vs. SurgiTel’s True Color Neutral

ErgoPractice News – March 2020 SurgiTel Answers Clinicians’ Questions “Since Orascoptic’s beam-forming optics do not use True Color Optical Technology, TruColor is not True Color.” After one of my recent seminars about safety issues related to loupes and LED headlights, one of the seminar attendees brought her Orascoptic loupes and TruColor LED headlight to me […]

“What Is the SurgiTel Advantage?”

ErgoPractice News – February 2020 SurgiTel Answers Clinicians’ Questions: Consultation • Innovation • Products that Science Supports “The SurgiTel Advantage is beyond optical resolution.” Loupes and LED headlights have become essential vision-enhancement devices for clinicians. An established advantage of using loupes and headlights while working is an improved vision, leading to improved performance. However, the […]

Testimonial – Dr. Sajeel Khan, MD

Clinicians Love SurgiTel Sajeel Khan, MD Early during my neurosurgery residency, I was using a competitor’s loupes and realized early on that I was developing neck fatigue and pain, especially during long cases. That’s when Gregg, my SurgiTel rep, introduced me to the ergonomic benefits of SurgiTel loupes. I ordered a pair of loupes from […]

Testimonial – Dr. Nichole Anderson, DDS, RDH

A Lifelong SurgiTel Customer “I would never even consider changing companies.” Dr. Nichole Anderson, DDS, RDH Nichole Smith Anderson has been a dental hygienist since 2006 and graduated with her DDS in May 2020. She is currently in a hospital-based General Practice Residency at Denver Health Medical Center and also owns and operates the Institute […]

Where Can I Get a FREE SurgiTel Loupe and Headlight Safety Evaluation?

ErgoPractice News – January 2020 SurgiTel Answers Clinicians’ Questions SurgiTel can help you evaluate your loupes and headlights in three different ways: Bring your loupes and LED headlights to SurgiTel exhibit booths Request our evaluation service for your clinic Request our FREE educational seminar with evaluation services “You alone are responsible for selecting ergonomically-correct loupes […]

Your Team’s Health Matters: SurgiTel’s Free Evaluation & Educational Services

ErgoPractice News – December 2019 Work-related neck pain is the most common issue among both dental professionals and surgeons. According to ACS Surgery News, 92.3% of clinicians experience working pain, and most of these reported pain is in the neck and lower back.1 Prolonged working pain can eventually lead to early retirement if undiagnosed and […]

Testimonial – Dr. Martin B. Goldstein DMD, FAGD – High Powered Loupes and High Powered Digital Cameras: A Perfect Synergy

High Powered Loupes and High Powered Digital Cameras: A Perfect Synergy? Martin B. Goldstein DMD, FAGD Dr. Martin Goldstein, a fellow of the International Academy of Dento-Facial Esthetics as well as a fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry, practices general dentistry in Wolcott CT, USA. Recognized as one of the Leaders in CE by […]

Your Team’s Health Matters: Blue Light Hazard with LED Lights – Fact or Fiction?

ErgoPractice News – November 2019 Your Team’s Health Matters: Blue Light Hazard with LED Lights – Fact or Fiction? White LED lights have become popular light sources for various lighting applications, including clinical overhead lights and headlights. Dental professionals know that blue light in curing lights is very harmful to the eyes, and thus a […]