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Testimonial – Dr. Tejas R. Shah

Clinicians Love SurgiTel Tejas Shah, MD, FACC, RPVI I am a practicing Vascular Surgeon. Like most, when I first started my surgical career during training, I bought my first pair of loupes from Designs for Vision. Over the years, I began to feel significant pain in the lower cervical spine, particularly on long cases. I […]

Testimonial – Dr. Richard L. Stiles, DDS

Clinicians Love SurgiTel Richard L. Stiles, DDS I’m very happy with my Surgitel flip-up loupes.  After a lengthy search and several trial periods with several sets of loupes from all of the major manufacturers, I found the Surgitels to have the steepest viewing angle and the most customization options.  My service rep, Gregg, was able […]

SurgiTel’s True Color Beam-Forming Technology for LED Headlights

ErgoPractice News – September 2019 The color rendering index (CRI) or corrected color temperature (CCT) of LED headlight beams will be different from the LED chips hardware depending on the beam-forming optics. If beam-forming optics are not true color, achromatic beam-forming optics, then readings may vary depending on where the reading is taken within the […]

Testimonial – Dr. Sami Shahhal, DDS

Dr. Sami Shahhal’s Review of SurgiTel’s 6.5x FLM Loupes Sami Shahhal, DDS Dr. Sami Shahhal's review of SurgiTel's 6.5x FLM loupes. SurgiTel has ergonomic loupes at every magnification! Our options range from 2.5x-8.0x, to suit your specific specialty.General and cosmetic dentist Dr. Sami Shahhal, D.D.S of Nordahl Dental reviews SurgiTel's 6.5x FLM ergonomic loupes and […]

Measuring Your Working Pain Risk Using Biometric Data

ErgoPractice News – July 2019 As personal health has become more important and urgent in people’s lives, companies have created biometric devices that allow us to receive real-time feedback on how well we are doing. Fitbit, for example, has become a household name very quickly. One of the greatest challenges for clinicians has been determining […]

Build Your Personal Loupes with SurgiTel

ErgoPractice News – June 2019 Choosing a new pair of loupes can be daunting because there are a large number of factors to consider before purchasing your first pair of loupes. Some of these factors are more visible and others are more functional. Visible factors are frames (shape and color) and headband (shape and color). […]

SurgiTel’s Achievements in Clinical Vision & Ergonomics

ErgoPractice News – May 2019 Over the last 25 years, SurgiTel has continued to invest in research and development in order to offer clinicians and students truly ergonomic loupes that fit all facial features. We have paired our loupes with advanced LED headlights that offer the best color accuracy and are the safest to eyes. […]

Testimonial – Dr. Katherine Staniek, DMD

What They Didn’t Teach Us in Dental School — Finding Pain Relief with SurgiTel Katherine Staniek, DMD “I think it’s very important for students and residents to consider ergonomic tools during their training, this is why: shortly after school and residency training, I started getting neck pain and headaches. For a while I just took […]