Student Programs

SurgiTel strives for the highest quality in all of our products and service. We are pleased to offer you, our student customer, these special quality assurances throughout your time in school:

  • Three-month, interest-free payment plan

  • 45-day free trial period

  • Free changes to your working distance

  • One free-of-charge change to your prescription

  • Free head straps and side shields as you need them


We support you, our student customers, with an upgraded warranty throughout your time in school covering:*

  • Our Frames

  • Out Loupe Lenses

  • Our LED Light including our LED Light Cord

Contact your local representative to find out when we come to your school or
to request personal service.

The offers above are not be available to customers outside of the United States.

Frame Warranty does not cover misuse or abuse.

Some restrictions may apply.