Vision Frames

Advanced Frame Technology

Looking for the 

best performing frames?

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  • 3-Point Fit for stability and comfort
  • High Definition Optics (HDO)
  • Made from lightweight, impact-absorbing material
  • Pure Titanium Construction
  • Steep frame tilt angle designed for the best posture loupes
  • Patented nose pad designs for extreme stability
Oakley’s Three-Point Fit ensures the highest
degree of comfort while keeping the lenses
in precise optical alignment.
Pure Titanium Construction allows for 
the mounting of our exclusive, 
high-powered PrismPro Line Loupes
(5.5x - 8.0x)
SurgiTel offers several Oakley and Titanium frames
RadarEVBlack RadarEVWhite
Radar EV, Black Radar EV, White
 Radar EV XS, Bordeaux
RadarEVXSWhite  flak2black
 Radar EV XS, White Flak 2.0, Black
half black
Half Jacket 2.0, Black

ergo max 2 black ergomaxblue
Ergo Max 2.0, Black Ergo Max, Blue
ergomaxsilver ergomaxblack
Ergo Max, Pink Ergo Max, Tortoise Shell
Aero 3.0, Black
aero2silver aero2black
Aero 2.0, Pink Aero 2.0, Tortoise Shell
aero2red aero2blue aero2purple
Aero 2.0, Red Aero 2.0, Blue Aero 2.0, Purple
prime black prime white draw black 
Sundog Prime, Black Sundog Prime, White Sundog Draw, Black 
ComfortFlex, Velvet Red  ComfortFlex, Black


Colors and models are subject to change. Not all frames are compatible with all oculars, mountings and/or accessories