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Microscope Magnification With the Flexibility of Loupes

ErgoPractice News – December 2015
By Jin Chang PhD

Prism Pro Magnification Takes 5.5x to 8.0x Magnification Into Your Office

Clinicians’ work is getting smaller. With smaller tools for more detailed work, the standard magnification of 2.5x from 50 years ago cannot keep up. Many clinicians are moving to microscopes in order to achieve 5.0x to 8.0x magnification. Microscopes are a great solution for many procedures as they support ergonomic postures, have many types of extras, and many models can achieve magnifications from 10.0x to 20.0x.

However, microscopes require a huge financial investment, specialized training, they limit the user’s mobility, and they require repetitive manual motions to adjust.

Loupes are much more intuitive and easier to use, they give the user mobility and flexibility, and now are available from SurgiTel in 5.5x, 6.5x and 8.0x magnification.

You can now achieve microscope level results with loupes. Specialized technology, developed for both oculars and frames, achieves the stability for the clearest vision with the lowest weight for the greatest comfort.

From diagnosis to treatment, seeing more means doing more. Imagine detecting coronal and root fractures at much earlier stages than with weaker loupes. Imagine easily detecting and removing caries. Imagine spotlessly finished and polished margins. Upgrading your tools can upgrade your work.

In addition to smaller tools and more detailed procedures, another advancement in your field is working posture. More clinicians are realizing working pain is not a job requirement. With increased ergonomic education, clinicians are working more upright and no longer in a “slump.” When we are farther away from our subject we need even more magnification to do the same work!

Clinicians speak of our Pro Line magnifications using words such as “amazing.”1 Users can do new things with matching high-resolution photography.2 Users report seeing detail down to 30 µm.3

Limiting your magnification will only limit your results. If you can see it, you can do it. See what more you can do with a free, in-office demonstration. Contact your local SurgiTel representative to see what you’ve been missing!



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