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New Products from SurgiTel – A report from the Chicago Midwinter Meeting

ErgoPractice News – February 2017
By Jin Chang PhD

SurgiTel introduced three new products at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting: The Odyssey Wireless LED, the loupe-mounted SurgiCam HD digital video camera, and a test model of our 3D Digital Video Head-Up Display (HUD) System. We are happy to report a successful show with much interest in our new products from clinicians all over the country!

The Odyssey Wireless LED Headlight

SurgiTel has made several prototypes of wireless products over recent years, but each fell short of our design requirements. We wanted to create a product that would provide high visual quality and be easy to wear with both Through-The-Lens (TTL) and Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM) loupes. We met those requirements with SurgiTel’s Odyssey Wireless LED (Figure 1). It is the only Wireless LED to feature an achromatic beam that produces a clear and even beam for superior visual quality. We have also applied our neutral color option which is ideal for cosmetic work and is easier on the eyes. The Odyssey Wireless LED can be used with TTL loupes and FLM/flip-up loupes.

Features include:
  • High quality, achromatic beam which produces a clear, even beam at all working distances with a clear edge
  • Reduced blue light which is safer for the user
  • Two beam-forming optics (micro and mini) available
  • Touch control functions: Three brightness levels, On/Off, and On/Off Switch Lock
  • Maximum charge life with the included batteries (3): up to 10 hours

SurgiCam® HD, Loupe-Mounted Video Cameras

In 2006, SurgiTel introduced the first loupe-mounted, digital video camera – the SurgiCam. This allowed clinicians to record and share their procedures from the view of the clinician. This camera has been used around the world for education, training, consultation, and more. At the Midwinter meeting, SurgiTel revealed the new High-Definition model of this camera (Figure 2). Clinicians can now record even sharper images.

3D Digital Video HUD Microscope

We at SurgiTel have been investigating digital imaging technologies to develop a head-up display (HUD) magnification system. With recent advancements in high-resolution 3D monitors and high-speed image processing, we are able to assemble a working model of a digital magnification system that can display high-quality 3D digital images in real-time.

The working prototype of the 3D digital video HUD microscope was displayed at Midwinter (Figure 3). SurgiTel displayed this prototype model to get opinions from practicing dental professionals.

There are several benefits of 3D digital video HUD microscopes over traditional optical microscopes:
  • Easier to align the microscope to the operating site
  • No need to fix one’s eyes to the microscope – the clinician is free to move comfortably
  • Better ergonomics – the clinician is not frozen into place
  • Can use loupes and headlights at the same time – the clinician can use one magnification through their loupes, and a different magnification with the HUD microscope, without taking their hands off their tools

If you would like to make your inputs for the development of 3D digital HUD magnification systems, please contact me, Dr. Chang, at If your inputs are applied, SurgiTel will offer you a special, discounted price when the product is released.