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Newsletter Archive




September 2020 Newsletter - A Key Factor for Selecting Loupes: Magnification Power or Resolution?

In this issue we do a deep analysis of the impact of Resolution and Magnification Power on loupe performance. How can you tell the difference between an empty marketing slogan and something that will actually benefit your work and career?

Click the picture on the left to find out.




August 2020 Newsletter - Evaluation of Major Brands of LED Headlights: Color Distortion and Blue Light Hazard

In this issue we did a hands-on evaluation of all major brand LED headlights. Side-by-side comparison photos show that images under other major brand LED lights are blue-tinted

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




July 2020 Newsletter - SurgiTel Solutions: Protective Face Shields and Visual Clarity

In this issue we examine various factors that impact Face Shield clarity.

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




June 2020 Newsletter - True Ergonomics from SurgiTel: The Truth about Declination Angle

In this issue we share the truth about declination angle, how companies misrepresent this information, and how someone can determine if their loupes are truly ergonomic or dangerous to use.

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




May 2020 Newsletter - Implementing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with Loupes and Headlights

In this issue, we share information about SurgiTel's Loupe-Compatible face shield design. Also, questions and answers about PPE implementation options and disinfectants.

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April 2020 Newsletter - Truth in Color Accuracy and Eye Safety of LED Headlights: LumaDent's Neutral vs. SurgiTel's True Color Neutral - SurgiTel Answers Clinicians' Questions

The SurgiTel Advantage is beyond optical resolution and light brightness. SurgiTel's patented True Color LEDs help you work safely and with best color accuracy. Read this article for more information about the difference between LumaDent's Neutral and SurgiTel's True Color Lights.

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




March 2020 Newsletter - Truth in True Color LED Light Safety: Orascoptic's TruColor(TM) vs. SurgiTel's True Color Neutral - SurgiTel Answers Clinicians' Questions

The SurgiTel Advantage is beyond optical resolution and light brightness. SurgiTel's patented True Color LEDs help you work safely and with best color accuracy. Read this article for more information about the difference between Orascoptic TruColor(TM) and SurgiTel's True Color Lights.

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




February 2020 Newsletter - What is the SurgiTel Advantage? SurgiTel Answers Clinicians' Questions

The SurgiTel Advantage is beyond optical resolution. SurgiTel's patented and patent-pending products help you work comfortably and effectively throughout your career.

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January 2020 Newsletter - Where Can I Get a FREE SurgiTel Loupe and Headlight Safety Evaluation? SurgiTel Answers Clinicians' Questions

    SurgiTel can help you evaluate your loupes and headlights in three different ways:
  • Bring your loupes and LED headlights to SurgiTel exhibit booths
  • Request our evaluation service for your clinic
  • Request our FREE educational seminar with evaluation services

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




December 2019 Newsletter - Your Team's Health Matters: SurgiTel's Free Evaluation & Educational Services

  • Improperly-fitted loupes can cause chronic neck pain and reduce vision quality
  • Blue light from extreme cool LED headlights can be a cause of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and reduce visual quality
  • SurgiTel offers free evaluation services to check ergonomic and optical features of loupes and the potential blue light hazard of dangerous, extreme cool LED headlights
  • SurgiTel offers a free educational seminar which reviews basic issues related to designing loupes and LED headlights and answers common questions raised when selecting personal loupes and headlights

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




November 2019 Newsletter - Your Team's Health Matters: Blue Light Hazard with LED Lights – Fact or Fiction?

  • ANSES (French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety) confirmed that prolonged exposure to blue light from cool LED headlights can damage the retina, causing early-onset, age-related macular degeneration (AMD)
  • SurgiTel can evaluate your current LED headlights against our true color neutral LED headlights to ensure that your headlights are safe for your eyes

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




October 2019 Newsletter - Your Team's Health Matters: Ergonomics Gap Analysis

  • Pain and injury results from out-of-balance working postures
  • Many loupes sold as "ergonomic" cause unhealthy posture and dangerous head/neck tilt
  • Clinicians can determine if their pain is caused by neck tilt using photographs
  • "Ergonomics Gap Analysis" is used to estimate a gap between current posture and safe working posture
  • SurgiTel offers free "Ergonomics Gap Analysis" services to clinicians and their team members

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




September 2019 Newsletter - SurgiTel's True Color Beam-Forming Technology for LED Headlights

SurgiTel's patented true color technology has been used for many years and offered the best color accuracy and eye safety. Recently, some Chinese companies have been imitating SurgiTel's true color beam-forming optics which may infringe some of SurgiTel's patents and have started to sell these optics to U.S. companies.

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




August 2019 Newsletter - NEW Prime EX Loupe Design

We're excited to reveal a combination of our proven technologies in our latest loupe design. This design provides excellent eye protection, comfort, and a great custom fit.

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




July 2019 Newsletter - Monitoring Your Working Posture with Biometric Data

Biometrics are quickly becoming more and more popular. We tested one device which may let you know if your loupes are ergonomic.

Click the picture on the left to learn more.




June 2019 Newsletter - Build Your Personal Loupes With SurgiTel

Countless factors go into finding the best loupes for you, but which ones are most important?

Click the picture on the left to explore the most vital factors you should make sure are implemented into your loupes as we breakdown what loupe features work best for you.




May 2019 Newsletter - SurgiTel's Achievements In Clinical Vision and Ergonomics

Change is inevitable and necessary for success. SurgiTel continues to grow and innovate while remaining one of the leaders in clinical vision and ergonomics.

Click the picture on the left to find out what we've done to improve and better serve clinicians and students.




April 2019 Newsletter - The First Step Toward a Pain-Free Practice

It is no secret that neck pain is a common problem for clinicians. However, with SurgiTel's truly ergonomic loupes, no one needs to suffer from working pain and run the risk of early retirement and serious injury. There is one key factor in alleviating working pain - equipment that works for you.

Click the picture on the left to find out how one can get on track to a pain-free career with SurgiTel




March 2019 Newsletter - 2019 IDS Report: Frequently Asked Questions from Cologne, Germany

SurgiTel recently returned from a successful, week long trip to the biggest International Dental Show (IDS) in existence. During our time there we spoke to many clinicians and distributors about our premium, custom-fit, ergonomic loupes. This month we answer the most frequently asked questions we received from clinicians while at IDS 2019.

Click the picture on the left to find the answers to the most popular questions we received.




February 2019 Newsletter - Team-Based Participatory Ergonomics Promotion (TPEP) Program

This month we highlight how to implement Team-Based Participatory Ergonomics Promotion (TPEP) Program in the workplace and how SurgiTel can help.

Click the picture on the left to read a summary with steps on how to implement this process in order to improve ergonomics and overall health in your office.

19-01 - Copy 



January 2019 Newsletter - Team-Based Ergonomics Training Program Self-Ergonomics Gap Analysis

This month we highlight the importance of self-ergonomics gap analysis and how to analyze your own ergonomics.

Click the picture on the left to read a summary with tips on how to evaluate and improve your ergonomics and your overall health.




December 2018 Newsletter - Become an Ergonomic Health Educator for Your Colleagues

This month we highlight a peer-based, ergonomics education program at Duke Surgery. (See article below.)

Click the picture on the left to read a summary with hints on how you can help put a stop to clinicians needlessly working through pain.




November 2018 Newsletter - Is Your LED Headlight Safe for Your Eyes?

Brighter doesn't always mean better. Are your LED headlights giving you the safety and convenience you deserve?

In this issue of ErgoPractice News we will discuss the missing factor to provide a more complete guideline on how to purchase a right LED headlight for optimum Vision and Eye Safety.


October 2018 Newsletter - How to Maximize the Depth of Field of Your Loupes

Are you getting the most out of your loupes? Learn how increasing your depth of field will help you work faster, easier, and more comfortably.

In this issue of ErgoPractice News we will review criteria that impact depth of field and then two options to maximize the depth of field of your loupes.


September 2018 Newsletter -What Is The Right Magnification For Me?

In this issue of ErgoPractice News we briefly advise you on the number one question you should ask before purchasing loupes.

Please share this article with anyone who is looking to maximize their work performance. They may find this article helpfu!


August 2018 Newsletter - SurgiTel's Most Recent Innovation with Ergo Fit Nose Pad

In this issue of ErgoPractice News we briefly describe features of our designs and how they will help fit loupes.

Please share this article with anyone interested in purchasing ergonomic loupes and LEDs. This information may be helpful!


July 2018 Newsletter - 3 Most Common Myths in the Loupe Industry Demystified

In this article we clarify three common loupe and light myths.

Please share this article with anyone interested in purchasing ergonomic loupes and LEDs. This information may be helpful!


June 2018 Newsletter - Optimize Education: Stream Live Procedures with SurgiCam® HD

In this article we discuss uses of the SurgiCam HD and how video technology can help grow your practice.

Please share this article with anyone interested in integrating digital technology into their practice. This information may be helpful!


May 2018 Newsletter - Are You Ignoring Your Working Pain? 3 Main Issues Facing Clinicians Today

In this article we discuss the three main issues clinicians face and why many overlook them.

Please share this article with anyone experiencing working pain or injuries. This information may be helpful!


April 2018 Newsletter - Text Neck and Loupe Neck: A Global Epidemic

In this article we discuss how extensive use of smartphones is causing a dangerous physical condition among populations of all ages. Clinicians face a similar issue from repeated stress to the neck caused by improperly designed and fitted loupes.

Please share this article with anyone experiencing working pain or injuries. This information may be helpful!


March 2018 Newsletter - Clinical Safety and Eye Protection

In this article we discuss ways to protect the eye from various radiations used for clinical procedures.

Please share this article with anyone regularly using radiation for clinical procedures. This information may be helpful!


February 2018 Newsletter - NEW Wireless LED Technology: SurgiTel Wireless Air

SurgiTel continues to innovate clinical lighting to enhance your vision. The NEW Wireless Air features SurgiTel's patented optics, giving you the highest quality LED in the lightest weight package.

Please share this article with anyone looking for safe and effective LED headlights. This information may be helpful!


January 2018 Newsletter - MultiPoint Ergonomics™ - Prevent Both Back and Neck Pain

In this month's article, we will discuss how some loupes are ergonomic in name only, and what you can do to achieve True Ergonomics.

Please share this article with anyone dealing with discomfort or working pain. This information may be helpful!


December 2017 Newsletter - Don't Just Treat Your Symptoms, Eliminate the Cause of Your Working Pain

In this month's article, we discuss how to achieve complete ergonomics with SurgiTel's loupes, lights, and ErgoComfort Seating.

Please share this article with anyone with back discomfort or pain. This information may be helpful!


November 2017 Newsletter - This Clinician Changed Working Distance

In this month's article, we explore magnification considerations clinicians must take into account when purchasing backup or replacement loupes.

Please share this article with anyone looking to change or upgrade their loupes. This information may be helpful!


October 2017 Newsletter - 2 Must-Haves for LED Headlights

Beam uniformity and color temperature: these are the two factors which de?ne how well a LED headlight will help your work. In this month's article, we examine these two requirements of LED Headlight quality and safety.

Please share this article with anyone looking for safe and effective LED headlights. This information may be helpful!


September 2017 Newsletter - Pain can lead to injury

Many issues of pain may come from non-ergonomic loupes. Surgeons, Veterinarians, Dentists and hygienists are are susceptible to these dangers as they all wear loupes. In this month's article, I highlight issues of ergonomics and safety and why many clinicians are being mislead regarding ergonomics.

Please share this article with anyone looking for ergonomically fitted loupes. This information may be helpful!


August 2017 Newsletter - Multiple Magnification Loupes: 1987 to Today

From 1987 to today, many designs for multiple magnification loupes have been available. Most have not survived. Read this month's article for a few examples of that history and more information about SurgiTel's Multiple Magnification technique!

Please share this article with anyone looking for multiple-magnification loupes. This information may be helpful!


July 2017 Newsletter - True vs False Declination Angle

Many clinicians contact us asking us to help evaluate their posture. They have been told their loupes ergonomic and have large declination angles. If that's the case, how can they still be suffering the same pain?

If you are concerned with your colleagues' health, please read and share this issue.


June 2017 Newsletter - The health of your colleagues

92.3% of surgeons reported occupation-related chronic pain and/or injury, 70% of dental school students report chronic neck and back problems by their third year, 1 in 3 hygienists will develop a work- related injury. In this issue, we discuss how you can help.

If you are concerned about your colleagues' health, please read and share this issue.


May 2017 Newsletter - Reviews of SurgiTel Wireless

This month we review data from the May 2017 Clinicians Report. We discuss how achromatic technology increases your light beam quality and your light color accuracy. We also describe research on the safety of light color, especially when magnified though loupes.

Read the entire Clinicians Report at


April 2017 Newsletter - A 6-year career, ended early

Read Dee Humphrey's story of a career-cut short by neck injury. Afterwards she found SurgiTel ergonomic loupes and she describes the difference in her article.

Dr. Chang discusses the mass of misinformation about loupe ergonomics and how it is being propagated. Plus, one simple trick on how to avoid it.

Please share these stories with anyone you know who is suffering from neck pain. They may have been told they have ergonomic loupes, but probably do not!


March 2017 Newsletter - Report from Germany

Last week SurgiTel once again exhibited at the largest dental trade show in the world - the International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne Germany. The event hosted more than 155,000 visitors who would meet with 2305 exhibitors from 59 countries.

During our visit we answered questions for clinicians from all over the world. Over these five days several questions and topics were often repeated. In this month's newsletter, we thought it would be helpful to summarize those questions and answers in our 2017 IDS Report.

Please share these "questions and answers" with anyone you know who is looking for loupes. They may be looking for the answers to these questions!


February 2017 Newsletter - 3 New Products!

SurgiTel introduced three new products at the Chicago Mid-Winter Meeting: The Odyssey Wireless LED, the loupe-mounted SurgiCam HD digital video camera, and a test model of our 3D Digital Video Head-Up Display (HUD) System.

Read this month's newsletter for information on these new products!


January 2017 Newsletter - Our Newest Innovation: The Ergo Fit Nose Pad

In this issue we highlight our newest innovation - it may just change the way clinicians fit and wear their loupes. Many will find it easier and more comfortable then ever.

Read this month's newsletter for more!


December 2016 Newsletter - Verify Declination Angle Claims!

It has long been understood how a steeper declination angle (DA) helps a clinician achieve an upright, neutral posture which alleviates neck strain and pain. Yet some companies use DA as a selling tool and not an ergonomic solution. As a result, many clinicians were sold "ergonomic" loupes and are currently hunched over their subjects with non-ergonomic loupes.

You may recognize some of your colleagues doing this who are either in pain now, or soon will be. You have the power to help them! Read about that which threatens your colleagues' health and career, and help them before it's too late!


November 2016 Newsletter - Can the neck pain epidemic be stopped?

Aches and pains are hindering the quality of life. Many surgeons (92.3%) report work-related pains and about 20% of them eventually resort to surgery for treatment. Dentists and veterinarians are in a similar situation. You may know clinicians who complain of neck pain or who are suffering in silence.

New laser protection designs are both safe AND comfortable! Do not work with a design that does not serve your needs!


October 2016 Newsletter - 4 Laser Filter Categories

SurgiTel has developed multiple technologies for laser protection including the new drop-in, rimless option. In this newsletter we discuss the requirements for laser protection with loupes along with 4 different design choices.

You have the power to help them. Read about how to recognize a non-ergonomic posture which threatens your colleagues' health and career, and help them before its too late!


September 2016 Newsletter - 3 Uses of SurgiTel Working Distance Caps

SurgiTel has developed and patented a technology for easily adjusting working distance by using "Working Distance Caps." These caps are used on both our Galilean and Prismatic loupes to change the working distance of the loupes to be closer or farther. There are several applications of working distance caps. We explore three of them in this issue.

Also, read about Dr. Tran's experience using non-ergonomic loupes and how he ended up switching to SurgiTel.


August 2016 Newsletter - Clinicians Report Announcement

In the August 2016 issue of the Independent Clinicians Report, the front page featured "Clinical Guidelines for Selecting Loupes." In this article CR clinicians and scientists answer questions about loupe optics, loupe ergonomics, lighting and also relay many clinical tips. In this issue of our newsletter we follow their lead and publish some of our findings and research related to those same topics

Throughout the year 2016 and 2017, you may read the clinicans' report here: 


July 2016 Newsletter - The Working Pain Epidemic

This month we let the ACS Surgery News speak for us. Their article, "Operating with pain: Surgeon workplace injury underrecognized" brings up several issues about the lack of ergnomic awareness we see in all fields.

Plus, we highlight a few personal stories of ergonomic trials as well as a few white papers on the subject.


June 2016 Newsletter - Not All Loupes Are Created Equal

Is your colleague or coworker settling for lower quality loupes? They may not realize compromising their loupes may result into compromising their work and working posture. This month we review the causes and results of the new, "alternative" inexpensive loupe phenomenon.

Plus, Dr. Lisa Mikol-Doering shares her experience buying online loupes.


May 2016 Newsletter - Highlights from the Archive

Many years have passed since we began sharing our specialized knowledge with our customers through our monthly newsletter. We have had many contributors write pieces for our newsletter on their clinical experiences or their research. This month we stop to look back at some of our most essential issues, contributions and white papers.

Thank you for reading.


April 2016 Newsletter - The 2.5x Standard Comes Into Question

Isn't it time to question why 2.5x power magnification is still the "standard" after more than 50 years? It's all well and good to decide that 2.5x is the best magnification for you, but I notice many don't make that decision for themselves, they let that decision be made for them.

Also, two clinicians write about their magnification upgrading experiences.


March 2016 Newsletter - Should You Use the Same Loupes as Your Associate?

Loupes are very custom tools, and some make the mistake of following their associates too closely in their purchase. In this issue we explore how four differences between you and your associate might warrant a completely different loupe!

Also check out our White Paper: Demystifying Magnification Power of Loupes: 7 Questions and Answers


Feb 2016 Newsletter - New Breakthrough Design in Ergonomic Loupes

Early evaluations by clinicians describe Ergo Max as being "a very big deal" and that it "will be transforming the health of dentists and surgeons worldwide." Read why in this month's article!

And Dr. Raymond Singer with "Extending your Career by using Ergonomic Loupes"


Jan 2016 Newsletter - Work Stoppage

If something unplanned happens to your loupes, you could be without magnification for two weeks or more. I receive many calls from clinicians in a panic who find they can't work without their loupes. Find out how to avoid this situation in this month's newsletter!

And Dr. Martin B. Goldstein shares his perspective on the the backup issue in his article: "Are You Redundant?"


Dec 2015 Newsletter - Microscopes or Loupes?

You can now achieve microscope level results with loupes with 5.5x to 8.0x magnifications. Specialized technology, developed for both oculars and frames, achieves the stability for clearest vision with the lowest weight for greatest comfort.

Additionally, Dr. George Grayson writes about how precision tools facilitate precision work.


Nov 2015 Newsletter - Prism Technology

In the past prism loupes were very heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Then SurgiTel developed numerable patented innovations that made prisms lightweight and easy to use. Yet, many clinicians are still struggling with low magnifications to perform the work they need to accomplish. Read about why in this month's newsletter.

Additionally, we have included included examples of what higher mag has done for clincican's work.


October 2015 - Your eyes at risk

You protect yourself from curing lights, but do you have an LED Headlight that is extreme-blue? Research suggests that long term exposure to these devices can damage your eyes. In this issue we discuss how SurgiTel's achromatic lens technology creates a safe color balance and why dangerous headlights are still sold.

Additionally, we have included links to further clinical research.


September 2015 - Your patients at risk

Are you putting your patients at risk with cross-contamination? Are you touching your LED headlight with a gloved hand, or are you using some other half-measure? In this issue we discuss the evolution of the touch-free movement and how SurgiTel developed the first, truly touch-free LED.

Plus, an excerpt from Dr. Howard Glazer's review of the Eclipse LED in AGD Impact.


August 2015 - 5 LED Requirements

What are the 5 requirements for Clinical LEDs? How can you easily tell if you have a bad LED spot? How do you know you have the best tools so you can do your best work?

In this issue we answer these questions and more as we discuss LED Headlights.


July 2015 - Max Adjustment Loupes

How can you tell the difference between a poorly designed FLM loupe and an advanced model? Why use FLM when my associate uses TTL? What can FLM loupes do to prevent or alleviate my working pain?

In this issue we answer these questions and more as we discuss Front-Lens-Mounted Loupes.


June 2015 - Max Ergonomic Loupes

Too many clinicians needlessly work with pain in their neck and upper back. We introduce our new TTL design allowing for truly custom declination angles, the key factor in loupe ergonomics.

Plus, Dr. Raymond Singer reviews the loupes saying they have "has again furthered my career and provides me with better vision, a wider field of view, and more comfort."


May 2015 - Vision & Ergonomics - 12 Questions and Answers

What features makes loupes and lights truly effective, safe and ergonomic? Which features are 'window dressing' and which truly help us work better?

In this months white paper we answer 12 questions a person in the market for loupes and headlights needs to ask!


April 2015 - Demystifying LED Headlights: 7 Questions and Answers

This month we share the most common questions and answers about LED headlights. Read what types of LED Headlights offer the best image and eye safety.

Also, an exerpt from our interview with Dr. Singer addressing the adjustmenting of surgical lighting.


March 2015 - Demystifying Magnification Power of Loupes: 7 Questions and Answers

How can 4.8x magnification be less than 4.5 magnification? In our newest white paper we will discuss where the magnification you personally experience comes from!

Also, we revisit three ErgoPractice News about magnification, featuring Dr. Martin Goldstein, Dr. Michael Miller and Dr. George Grayson.


February 2015 - Ergonomic Educators

In this month's article I will introduce three clinicians who found a better way to work with SurgiTel. Many suffered with completely avoidable work-related pain for years before finding relief with SurgiTel.

Also, both George Bambara MS DMD and Amjad Ansari BDS MJDF 1 RCS describe their experiences with SurgiTel.


January 2015 - Share YOUR Story!

In today's modern age, no one needs to work in pain. Our advanced vision products and ergonomic stools allow users to work with the safest postures. If you are a clinician who experienced work-related pain or injuries, you should share your story with young clinicians. Contact us to become a member of our Ergonomic Educators club.

Also, Bethany Valachi, PT MS CEAS, writes about 4 of the most common ergonomic problems she sees in her consultations.


December 2014 - Backups Prevent Downtime

With loupes, unlike microscopes, achieved magnification depends on the custom working distance built into the loupes. If you want to purchase a high power loupe for precision procedures, the question you must ask is "How can I determine the magnification power my work requires?"

Read this month's white paper for more information on why listed magnifications are only a starting point and why trial is the best way to find out what magnification your work requires!


November 2014 - Video Recording Your Procedures

In this month's white paper we recount the history of digital video recording of procedures; starting with the multi-component, analog system of old which gave way to the loupe mounted, 100% digital, SurgiCam Pro. Learn the ways in which clinicians currently use the SurgiCam to record, store and share first-person recordings of their work.

Also: George Freedman, DDS, and Fay Goldstep, DDS, write about using SurgiCam Pro over the last four years.


October 2014 - Assisting Lab Courses

Read this month's paper for more information on what attendees have reported learning through testing SurgiTel loupes and lights during their courses. If you or an associate currently host or teach a hands-on lab, read further to learn how SurgiTel can supply your attendees with tools to help them get more out of their experience.

Also: Dr. Avery Bennett, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS, shares his experience teaching hands on courses over the last two decades and how attendees benefit from using and learning about SurgiTel loupes and lights.


September 2014 - Free Webinar CE!

SurgiTel was founded to help clinicians see better while working safely and ergonomically. To advance that mission, SurgiTel has collaborated with Dental Learning and Timothy J. Caruso PT MBA. Together we have created a Continuing Education course bringing to light the facts on Clinical Ergonomics.

The fruit of our efforts is a webinar which reviews why there is an epidemic of pain among dental clinicians, and how we can use currently available tools and techniques to reduce or eliminate that pain.


August 2014 - 3 Steps to Safe & Comfortable Work

In this month's white paper I examine why this is and what each of us can do about this. I provide three steps to enhanced workplace comfort and safety. Start with our three steps and you may finish with greater working comfort and safety along with a longer, healthier career.

Also, an exclusive interview with Dr. Singer about his approach to taking control of his work environment and tools so he can do his best work.


July 2014 - Interview with Dr. Rucker

It may seem like there are an infinite variety of loupes available, of all sizes shapes and colors, but there are only four different types. In this month's white paper we evaluate the four different types of loupes available today and describe their features.

Also Dr. Rucker describes his research in loupe ergonomics and reveals 3 Guidelines for loupe selection any clinician can use.


June 2014 - Stories Worth Sharing

This month we answer the question "Can Work-Related Pain Be Avoidable or Reversable?" (Hint: The answer is YES!) In our white paper we explore how non-ergonomic loupes are so prevalent and how we can work together to turn all practices into pain-free practices.

Also Dr. Hatchett shares his story of 15 years of painful practice with traditional loupes before switching to SurgiTel.


May 2014 - Magnification Power as the Key Vision Factor

How can we improve our visual acuity? Which is more important, resolution or magnification? How can we best rate magnification power? What is 2D rating and what does it mean? What are the current trends in working distance and what does that mean for magnification? Read our paper for the answers to these questions and more!

Also Dr. Miller of Reality Esthetics review our PrismPro Loupes.


April 2014 - Declination Angle as the Key Ergonomic Factor

"What is your optimum declination angle (look-down angle) range? How can you be assured you are working safely and ergonomically? Never before documented, in this month's paper is a step-by-step guide to measure your own best declination angle range using your own natural, relaxed working posture. Can you prove to yourself you are working with the best declination angle, safely and ergonomically? And if so, can the rest of your office say the same?"

Also featuring a Review Paper: Can Chronic Neck Pain Be Eliminated or Healed?


March 2014 - Advances in SurgiTel Headlights: Design Considerations of LED Headlights for Color Accuracy and Eye Safety

"A full history of SurgiTel's headlight development including how we have been able to provide the best beam quality and best eye safety. Learn more about the different lights available and what they mean for both your work and your eye health!"

Also featuring a Q&A section with answers to four of the most common LED headlight questions.


February 2014 - Advances in Magnification and Mounting with SurgiTel's Patented Prism Loupe Technology

"Clinicians use loupes both to see better and to work with comfortable, ergonomic postures. However, while common low power loupes (2.0x to 3.0x) can certainly help clinicians start to work better, they cannot offer users the true benefits of modern magnification."

Learn more about how your work can be enhanced using advances in prism (expanded-field) technologies!


January 2014 - New Year's Resolutions: Develop 7 Habits for Health and Fitness

Changing unhealthy habits, like a poor working posture, requires a multifaceted approach. You don't have to wait until neck and upper back injury occur to start. In this month's letter I share 7 new habits that can help clinicians enjoy a healthier 2014 and beyond!


December 2013 - Report on ADA Health and Fitness

Did you know nearly 3 out of 5 clinicians report regular pain? And did you know most of this pain comes from bad habits with poor equipment? Both are avoidable.

Read my report from the ADA 2013 Health and Fitness lectures to learn how clinicians are freeing themselves from chronic pain!


November 2013 - Our New Clinical Illumination White Paper

How effective is your clinical illumination? Are you getting the best definition with the least glare? Are you seeing the best color rendering of the anatomical features in your work?

From the fundamentals to the situational specifics, learn about how you can make illumination work for you in SurgiTel's newest white paper!


October 2013 - Demystifying Custom Loupes

How can you know if your loupes are truly ergonomic? What is the most important adjustment you need in your loupes? What are the least effective designs that are being sold right now?

Learn about how legacy designs are being sold today and how to avoid them with SurgiTel's newest white paper!


September 2013 - SurgiTel's Loupe Magnification White Paper

One of the questions we are asked most often is "what magnification loupes should I buy?" This issue of ErgoPractice News explores how your personal characteristics and your own work will determine what magnification will work best for you. 


August 2013 - Why Custom Loupes Matter

We all consider our friends' advice when buying something new. This method works great for hiring a painter or buying a new vacuum cleaner, but what about our own personal loupes? 


July 2013 - New: Micro Prism Loupes!

Using advanced miniaturization patented technologies, we have taken all the advances of previous generation prism loupes and concentrated them into a smaller size and lighter weight. These are our new Micro Prism Loupes.


June 2013 - Announcing: The ErgoPractice News

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