Press Releases

SurgiTel Eclipse LED Headlights

SurgiTel has developed a Touch Free LED Headlight with the patent pending Eclipse switching technology which uses an advanced proximity sensor: the light turns on and off with a simple wave of the hand. This technology can eliminate potential cross-contamination from touching battery packs or switches. Photo Here.

SurgiTel Micro 3 Watt LED Headlights

The SurgiTel Micro 3 Watt LED Headlight is the next generation of portable LED headlight systems.
SurgiTel adds the lightest (about 5 grams) to their arsenal of headlights.

Discover the Power of Prisms

SurgiTel introduces a compact prismatic 8x magnification in the industry’s most comfortable design.

See a Difference… Make a Difference

SurgiTel has combined their award winning micro magnification system with
two pink Oakley frames to bring awareness to breast cancer.

MicroLine Loupes - All Day Magnification

SurgiTel introduces one of the lightest magnification systems in its company history.