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Our Newest Innovation: The Ergo Fit Nose Pad

ErgoPractice News – January 2017
By Jin Chang PhD

Changing the Way Clinicians Fit and Wear Their Loupes

A Brief History of Ergonomic Vision Systems

SurgiTel’s mission is to enhance vision and ergonomics for the clinician. Throughout our history, we have developed never before seen technologies in order to achieve our goal. Let us review a few of SurgiTel’s milestones:

  • Truly customizable Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM) loupes which have since been used by many clinicians to prevent or alleviate their neck pain developed with poor working postures. Note that traditional, non-ergonomic loupes have been one of the main causes of chronic neck pain and/or injuries.
  • Loupe-mounted, halogen headlights were invented as a companion product to loupes.
  • Ergonomically enhanced Through-The-Lens (TTL) loupes became available with the invention of ergonomic frames. But there were still some limitations for people with high noses.
  • Compact prism loupes with an advanced design which reduced length and weight, and allowed for multiple magnification powers.
  • Achromatic LED headlights were invented, which offer the best color accuracy and are the safest to the eyes.
  • Truly ergonomic TTL loupes are now available for everyone with our newest, rimless Ergo Max frames (patent pending) and patented assembling method.
  • And now, the “Ergo Fit Nose Pad” system has been invented to best fit TTL loupes to all facial features. Figure 1 shows our new Ergo Fit Nose Pads mounted onto Oakley sport frames and SurgiTel Titanium frames.

Let’s examine how the Ergo Fit Nose Pad can help eliminate some issues of TTL loupes and drop-in eye protection filters (such as laser and X-ray protection filters).

SurgiTel’s Newest Innovation: Ergo Fit Nose Pad

The main fitting problem of TTL loupes is the oculars are often too close to the eyes, creating several problems:
  • Eyelashes touching oculars
  • The peripheral vision being blocked by the ocular for clinicians with certain facial features
  • Fogging carrier lenses due to limited ventilation
  • Drop-in eye protection lenses touching the face

With the Ergo Fit Nose Pad system, the space between oculars and eyes can be optimized. Thus most fitting problems can be eliminated. Figure 2 shows eye protection filters mounted with Ergo Fit Nose Pads. Figure 3 shows rimless, drop-in filters.

The best performing loupes are the ones that fit the best, both with how the frames fit your face and how the oculars are placed for your eyes. When these are optimized, the clinician has the clearest and sharpest view of their target with the added bonus of a comfortable, all-day fit.

Our new nose pad design allows for greater adjustability and fine-tuning, so the clinician can truly customize their fit and get the very most out of their loupes.

In addition:
  • The clinician will have the optimum space between their eyes and the oculars, which provides the best balance between the optical field and peripheral vision.
  • Clinicians with long eyelashes will not experience the uncomfortable and annoying touching of their eyelashes to their oculars.
  • With a wider opening providing better ventilation between the clinician’s face and loupes, the problem of fogging and sweating is greatly reduced.
  • Sports frames, which used to difficult to fit some people, are now easily adjustable for anyone to wear.
  • Titanium frames now have a double nose pad system for greater support, stability, and weight reduction. This is especially helpful when using higher magnification.
In short: better fit – better comfort – better vision. Leading to better work for you and better outcomes for your clients!

If you would like to try these for yourself, or know someone else who would like to try, contact your local rep at