Frequently Asked Questions

Please see this quick guide for our most commonly asked questions. Don’t hesitate to ask your own question by calling 1-800-959-0153 or by clicking the “Ask a Question” button to the left!

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Loupe FAQs

Q. How do I clean my loupes?
A. Apply mild soap and water with a soft cloth until particles are loosened. Wipe dry. For disinfection use SciCan OPTIM 33 TB wipes/solution. (You may purchase SciCan OPTIM 33TB solution from SurgiTel.) Do not use Lysol or any cleaners with alcohol, ethanol, ammonia, glutaraldehydes, iodophors and do not autoclave.

Q. Which magnification power should I choose?
A. That depends. If you are a first-time loupe user we generally recommend a 2.5 times magnification. This will provide you a good balance between magnification and width of your field size. If you are an experienced user, the magnification increase that you want is whichever would make your procedures easier. To try out some different magnifications where you work, schedule a demo or an appointment by clicking the buttons to the left.

Q. What if I wear glasses?
A. No problem, we’ll get your prescription during your office fitting. For flip-up type mounting, we will put prescription lenses in your Titanium or Oakley frames when we build them. For through-the-lens mounting, the first lens of the ocular will have your prescription built right in.

Q. Galilean and Prism lenses — what's the difference?
A. Without getting too technical, a prism lens is different from a Galilean lens in that it adds a miniature prism inside the telescope ocular. This allows you to obtain a bigger field size even at the higher magnification levels. Although traditional prism telescopes would be much heavier, our patented Compact-Prism design delivers very high magnification without adding on a whole lot of weight!

Q. Why do I need to wear loupes? I see just fine!
A. Even with perfect eyesight, you are missing lots of detail without magnification. Bending over to see better is not a solution! Your upper/lower back and your neck are significantly strained by this bad posture. With our light, high powered, wide view loupes you can both see and feel better.

Headlight FAQs

Q. Why do I need a headlight if I already use an overhead light?
A. With an overhead light you're bound to get a lot of shadows cast from your hands and tools. With a headlight attached to your loupes, in what is called a co-axial alignment, any shadows are directly opposite your eye so everything you see is lit!

Q. What is color rendering and why does it matter?
A. Just making your light brighter doesn’t mean you see better. In fact, if the light is too bright it will “wash out” details making your work harder! True clarity comes from the right brightness, contrast, glare reduction and also color rendering. Our lights have adjustable brightness, our lens coatings control glare reduction and we have different color temperature lights and optional color contrasting filters. Click “Request an Appointment” and your local representative can customize a system ideal for your work.

Q. I see a lot of glare, and I’m getting eye strain, from the overly bright surgical lights. What can I do?
A. SurgiTel has multiple types of filters that can cut glare and limit residual light from outside of your working area. Each can be customized to your work environment.

Q. How long does my battery pack run?
A. SurgiTel LED systems use lithium-ion battery technology, the same type that is in your mobile phone. Our corded LED battery packs are designed to last all day (7-8 hours) on full intensity. So if you remember to charge them at night, you'll always be ready for the next day! Even if you do forgot, you can run your LED headlight while it charges.

Q. How long until I have to replace my battery?
A. SOur batteries run for 800 to 1000 cycles, which is about 3 to 5 years depending on usage level. An indicator your battery cell needs to be replaced is if the battery runs far less than the designated period. In this case, the battery pack is designed to be opened so you can easily replace the battery cell. New battery cells are available from SurgiTel Customer Service at .

Q. I have a Xenon light source already. Can I upgrade my light without having to buy a whole new power source?
A. Absolutely. We manufacture our fiber optic headlights with whatever connection you need. We keep connections for all the major brand light source connection ports: ACMI, Olympus, Storz, and Wolf.

Eye Protection FAQs

Q. Can I wear a laser or x-ray filter with my loupes?
A. Yes. SurgiTel has designed a system that allows complete integration of laser filters, x-ray filters, loupes and even headlights.

Q. Do I have to use loupes to get laser or x-ray protection?
A. No. If your procedures emit damaging light or radiation we can also build protection into frames without magnification. You do not need those odd looking, uncomfortable goggles to be safe! Click “Request an Appointment” at the left and try on our Titanium and Oakley frames that will also protect your eyes.

Video Camera FAQs

Q. I already have a stationary camera but it just doesn’t capture exactly what I intend it to. What’s the solution?
A. Our digital video camera is loupe mounted, meaning the camera sees where you see. The camera can even magnify at 2x, 3x and even 5x to show the detail of what you’re seeing. Simply put, SurgiCam is the closest thing to recording from your eyes! 

Q. With the SurgiCam Digital Camera, what does “plug and play” mean?
A. Moments after the SurgiCam’s universal USB connection is plugged into your computer, it's already working. There’s no or complicated calibration or computer drivers to install. Our included software is as simple as a VCR and starts recording with one click.