Note: Before sending product back to SurgiTel, see Repair

SurgiTel warranties its products from defects in material and workmanship through limited repair and/or the replacement of defective parts.

At its sole discretion, SurgiTel will either repair or replace the product or repair or replace the necessary parts found to be defective.

Prompt inspection and reporting of missing or damaged product(s) should be reported to the shipping carrier and SurgiTel within 3 days of receipt.

SurgiTel accepts no responsibility for items claimed to be missing more than 3 days after receipt.

Warranty is only valid with proof of purchase from an Authorized SurgiTel Dealer.

For purchases outside the US, please contact your local distributor for warranty information.

Warranty Limitations (conditions not covered)

  • Repair or attempted repair of products by non-SurgiTel staff, including supergluing product parts together. (There may be a seperate repair charge for seperating glued together parts)
  • Deterioriation or failure due to misuse or improperly following instructions and/or warnings found in the user's manual 
  • Accidents / conditions of use considered abusive by GSC, including nicks and scratches on optical surfaces
  • Product made to incorrect specifications as supplied by the customer (e.g., eye prescription, interpupilary distance, working distance, other specs)
  • Any attempt to repair lights or light power sources other than with SurgiTel will void the warranty 
  • Repair or replacement of items after their known life
  • Normal wear and tear of the product
  • Use of non-recommended cleaning products will void the warranty. Check www.SurgiTel.com/help for the current recommended cleaning procedure. 

Other details: 

  • SurgiTel accepts no responsibility for items claimed to be missing more than 3 days after receipt
  • Warranty is only valid with proof of purchase from an authorized SurgiTel dealer 

Customer Satisfaction Trial Period

SurgiTel offers a conditional trial period from the date of receipt by the customer.

Trial Period by Product: Telescopes 45 days, Headlights 45 days, Chairs 30 days, Curing Lights 30 days, SurgiCams 14 days

The trial period allows for one exchange or one full refund of the product only (less applicable shipping & handling, restocking charges).

The trial period does not extend past the originally purchased product (i.e. the customer will not get another trial period on the exchanged product).

The customer must contact SurgiTel Customer Care (800-959-0153) within the trial period of the conditional trial; do not contact a sales representative.

Products returned during the trial period must be in original condition including all product accessories, all product components and manuals.

Eyeglass prescriptions are non-refundable.

If the returned item is missing or has been damaged or altered, the full charge for the product may be assessed to the customer at the sole discretion of SurgiTel/GSC.

Warranty by Product


  • Telescopes, Oculars & Assembly Parts
    • Manufacturer Defect


  • Headlights / Battery Housing & Electronics / Cable (non-battery parts)
    • 2 years 
  • Rechargeable Batteries
    • 1 year


  • SurgiTel frames:
    • 3 years (frame rim only)
    • Carrier lenses: 1 year
  • Oakley frames:
    • 3 years (frame rim only)
    • Carrier lenses: 1 year
  • Sundog Frames & Uvex Frames:
    • 3 years (frame rim only)
    • Carrier lenses: 1 year 

Video Camera

  • SurgiCam / SurgiCam Pro / SurgiCam HD:
    • 2 years

Other / Accessories

  • Headband:
    • 3 years
  • Fiber Optic Cables:
    • 30 days
  • Ocular Build Repairs:
    • 6 months
  • All other repairs and any replacement parts:
    • 90 days


The information above may not be applicable to customers outside of the United States