Photo of three medical practitioners wearing SurgiTel loupes

Testimonial – Dr. Hong-Suk Sue, MD

How SurgiTel Alleviated My Neck Pain

Hong-Suk Sue, MD

I am a retired vascular surgeon and would like to share my experience with loupes. I had practiced vascular surgery in New York for thirty-five (35) years while suffering debilitating neck and upper back pain. Then I met Dr. B. J. Chang at the 2006 Society of Vascular Surgery meeting just before leaving for missionary work with Nanjing Hospital in Nanjing, China. Dr. Chang explained that small declination angles of non-ergonomically designed, traditional loupes may have been the main cause of my pain. Dr. Chang didn’t want me to needlessly suffer while I was helping others. SurgiTel donated a pair of loupes for my missionary work. During the last six (6) years in China, the SurgiTel’s loupes helped me perform surgical procedures without the pain I had experienced as when using traditional loupes.

Like most surgeons, I started my surgical practice with traditional loupes made by Designs for Vision. After a few years of surgical practice, I started to experience chronic neck and upper back pain. I was soon using an orthopedic neck brace during vascular procedures. Then, just by switching to an ergonomically designed loupe, I was able to eliminate my chronic neck and upper back pain.

Like most surgeons, I was not trained on ergonomic workplace practices which help surgeons avoid chronic neck and upper back pain. Part of my missionary work was training a local young doctor in vascular surgery and I made sure he was aware of these issues. At this early stage in his career, he has already changed from Keeler loupes to SurgiTel loupes. He is a fully trained vascular surgeon now and I am confident with SurgiTel loupes he will avoid long-term injury and pain caused by a poor working posture.

If you experience pain in your work, I strongly encourage you to take a close look at your working posture. I strongly believe that SurgiTel may very well provide a solution to your problem.

Simply put, no pain with SurgiTel loupes. I am grateful to Dr. Chang and SurgiTel/General Scientific.