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Testimonial – Dr. Sajeel Khan, MD

Clinicians Love SurgiTel

Sajeel Khan, MD

Early during my neurosurgery residency, I was using a competitor’s loupes and realized early on that I was developing neck fatigue and pain, especially during long cases. That’s when Gregg, my SurgiTel rep, introduced me to the ergonomic benefits of SurgiTel loupes. I ordered a pair of loupes from SurgiTel, and I am happy to report that over the past three years or so, I have not had any complaints of neck pain or fatigue. In fact, I recommended these loupes to my colleagues, and they converted to SurgiTel as well due to SurgiTel’s ergonomic benefits, superior illumination and magnification, and aesthetically pleasing designs.

I am planning to order another set of loupes from SurgiTel as well. Over the course of three years, I have experienced great after-sales service and support from Gregg and SurgiTel. Gregg has been great in reaching out in a timely manner and providing great and satisfactory after-sales service.

Due to their superior ergonomic designs, I have no hesitation in recommending Gregg and SurgiTel for your surgical magnification needs.

– Sajeel Khan, MD
Chicago, IL