SurgiCam HD®

Video System

Plug & play high quality video




HD Resolution, Loupe-Mounted Video Camera


USB Power & Data

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miniaturization2 Small and Lightweight



To see more videos of the SurgiCam in action, see the video taken by Dr. Raymond Singer of an actual Valve Replacement surgery!
More Video:




  • Training: either live or recorded, viewers get an unobstructed view of your work
  • Sharing: share video with others locally or over the internet
  • Publication: unique and new procedures can be shared with outside parties
  • Documentation: keep an indisputable record of entire procedures
  • Transmitting: transmit live procedures to anywhere in the world, or to hundreds of mobile devices at once using Zoom software
  • Consultation: coordinate remote consultation in an instant

 Optical Lens Options

The SurgiCam® HD can be outfit with three magnification options: 2x, 3x, 5x.
With the focal distance set to your working distance, and with a generous depth-of-field,
the camera keeps in focus throughout your procedure.

Use SurgiCam HD® for Training, Sharing, Publication & Documentation

  • Capture on video your work area as you see it
  • Easy software setup
  • Camera records to the popular AVI format
  • Plug-and-play design means there is no need to install complicated drivers
  • Patented technology is lightweight enough for loupes

Imaging Software

With the included digital video recording software you can easily:

  • See real-time exactly what your camera sees
  • Capture still pictures from your recorded video or from your camera's live feed
  • Record video continually, there is no set time limit on the device or software
  • Playback AVI video instantly, no conversion or re-processing required
  • Organize your video in folders or by date


Technical Specifications

  • Frame rates = 30 fps, 25 fps, 20 fps
  • Resolution = Video 1080p (1920x1080), Photo 2MP

Safety Compliances

  • IFCC Part 15, Class B Compliant
  • CE Compliant


For SurgiCam Pro software click HERE.

For SurgiCam HD Windows software click HERE.

For SurgiCam HD Macintosh software click HERE.