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Testimonial – Dr. Grant Pizzo, DMD

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Neck Pain is Not a Prerequisite for a Career in Dentistry

Grant Pizzo, DMD

My first pair of loupes had a standard declination angle, so when I began to use them during preps, I started to feel neck pain from poor ergonomics.

Thankfully during my first year of dental school, I talked to Gregg Szymanski at SurgiTel, and he set me up with an ergonomic loupe and light system. I haven’t experienced any neck pain while in school, and the customer service I have received has been excellent.

As I walk around my clinic, I often see my classmates hunching over and complaining about how sore their necks are at the end of the day. I am relieved that SurgiTel delivered loupes that minimized neck tilt through steep angles and proper working distance design.

Personally, I see ergonomic loupe designs like what SurgiTel offers having a critical role in the future of dentistry, in part because of the toll of prolonged cell phone use on the neck in the adolescent population.