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Testimonial – Dr. Lisa Mikol-Doering, DVM

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Using SurgiTel for Veterinary Dentistry After Using my Online Loupes

Lisa Mikol-Doering, DVM

Dr. Mikol-Doering is a small animal vet in Bartlett, IL. She has been in practice for 17 years, and now limits her practice to veterinary dentistry and surgery. She Lisa Mikol-Doering, DVM graduated from the University of Illinois. In her personal time she enjoys spending time with her husband, three daughters, her puppy Dunkin’ and her 18 year old cat Lyla.

I have been in general practice for 16 years in the Chicago area. In the last 2-3 years I have shifted my focus to veterinary dentistry. When I began in dentistry, I would find myself leaning into my work to see and was having a difficult time with lighting and visualization; especially when working on small dogs and cats, or with fractured root tips. I used an overhead surgical light but my head got in the way of the light. I ended up with frustration, neck and back pain, and even wondering if this is really what I wanted to do.

In the past, I had seen surgical loupes at conferences and knew that many specialists use them and swear by them. However, it was difficult for me to justify spending the money before moving into dentistry and experiencing these difficulties. Before I gave up on my career change, I decided to try an inexpensive version that I found online. Initially, I was happy with the magnification and lighting coming from the loupes. But they were heavy and uncomfortable. After wearing them any longer than 20 minutes I would definitely feel the weight. And I had to make modifications to keep them on my head without slipping.

The inexpensive loupes worked for about 12 months before the wires and other small parts became loose. The light was failing and I knew I would need to make a decision: purchase another online pair, or invest in higher quality loupes.

I started looking around at some of the more well known companies that sold loupes. After talking with three main companies, Gregg at SurgiTel was the only person who followed up with me who provided all the information I needed without being pushy. He came out to my office, spoke with me and answered all of my questions, and then took measurements to determine what custom features would be needed for me if I purchased the loupes.

When I tried on the sample pair of SurgiTel loupes, I immediately noticed how comfortable and lightweight they were. The field of view was much larger and the LED light was very bright and clear. I was definitely sold on making the investment and it has been the best decision I ever made. Not only am I more comfortable with regard to my neck and back during procedures, but I can work more quickly, with less stress and frustration and am back to enjoying my dental procedures.

I have also had great experience with the customer service at SurgiTel after my purchase. Gregg has checked in with me, even at a year after my purchase to make sure everything is going well. Even though I did not need anything it was nice to be asked.

I would highly recommend investing in SurgiTel loupes and light if you are doing any type of surgery, dentistry, or even working with small exotics.

-Lisa Mikol-Doering, DVM