Testimonial – Dr. Petar Bajic, MD

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After I Switched To SurgiTel

Petar Bajic, MD

I’ve converted to doing all open surgery with my SurgiTel loupes — the wide field of vision makes it easy to see the entire operative field. As a taller guy, I used to get neck pain with my old loupes, but that has completely resolved with the steeper declination angle offered by SurgiTel.

The mini high-intensity light has also been a game-changer, allowing me to avoid heavy traditional headlights and still see clearly deep in the pelvis. The battery life is impressive and provides full intensity for even the longest, most complicated cases. Would recommend these loupes and headlight to all surgeons!

Petar Bajic, MD
Chief Resident, Loyola Urology
Future Andrology and Reconstruction Fellow, Rush Urology