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SurgiTel’s Partner Service Programs

ErgoPractice News – October 2020 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Many clinicians who have their SurgiTel loupes refurbished by our facility have sent us their appreciation, letting us know their products are working like new. I have also recently heard from several clinicians, letting us know they read our monthly free newsletters and appreciate how […]

A Key Factor for Selecting Loupes: Magnification Power or Resolution?

ErgoPractice News – September 2020 By Jin Chang PhD jchang@surgitel.com Marketing Slogans Long ago, some loupe manufacturers sold their loupes as higher magnification power loupes than actual magnification power as a selling gimmick, for example 2.5x loupes as 2.8x. And, still today many companies are selling their Galilean loupes as higher magnification powers. Some of […]

Testimonial – Dr. Richard Price

The Blue Light Hazard in Medicine and Dentistry Richard Price, BDS, DDS, MS, FDS RCS, FRCD, PhD Dr. Richard Price is a Professor of Prosthodontics at Dalhousie University. For the last 20 years, his research has focused on blue light sources such as curing lights. “I commend SurgiTel for recognizing the potential retinal hazard from […]

Evaluation of Major Brands of LED Headlights: Color Distortion and Blue Light Hazard

ErgoPractice News – August 2020 Years ago, SurgiTel created the color-balanced, true-color LED headlights for clinicians using patented true color optical technologies. Other brands have been trying to imitate SurgiTel true color LED lights with optical systems that do not infringe SurgiTel patents, but SurgiTel is still the only company that can offer true color […]

SurgiTel Solutions: Protective Face Shields and Visual Clarity

ErgoPractice News – July 2020 PPE for Clinicians and Patients and Visual Clarity Clinicians may see a large number of patients and should be protected. Patients expect to see protection on clinicians and the face shield shows patients they are protected. But if PPE is the new normal, it cannot be allowed to reduce the […]

True Ergonomics from SurgiTel: The Truth about Declination Angle

ErgoPractice News – June 2020 Requirements of True Ergonomic Loupes True ergonomic loupes should satisfy two basic requirements: safe lower back posture and safe neck posture (or safe head tilt). All loupes with proper working distance can help users work with safe lower back posture, but most loupes force users to excessively tilt their heads, […]

Implementing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) with Loupes and Headlights

ErgoPractice News – May 2020 SurgiTel’s Implementation of PPE with Loupes and LED Headlights By improving the design of full-face shield (patent-pending) and universal mounting clip with co-axial extenders (patent pending), SurgiTel can provide PPE with loupes and headlights in three different combinations (Figure 1): Placing headlight attached to loupes behind the face shield. For […]

Truth in Color Accuracy and Eye Safety of LED Headlights: LumaDent’s Neutral vs. SurgiTel’s True Color Neutral

ErgoPractice News – April 2020 SurgiTel Answers Clinicians’ Questions LumaDent’s Claims about Their LED Headlights LumaDent recently began advertising their neutral LED headlights as eye-safe LED headlights. Some of our clinicians have asked us about these lights. They ask: Is LumaDent’s neutral LED headlights safe to eyes like SurgiTel’s true color-neutral LED headlights? To answer […]

Testimonial – Dr. Daniel Pernoud, DDS

“As Long As I’m Wearing My SurgiTel Loupes, I Do Not Have Pain.” Daniel Pernoud, DDS Daniel Pernoud earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry in 2012, where he received numerous prestigious awards and honors, including membership in Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor […]

Truth in True Color LED Light Safety: Orascoptic’s TruColor™ vs. SurgiTel’s True Color Neutral

ErgoPractice News – March 2020 SurgiTel Answers Clinicians’ Questions “Since Orascoptic’s beam-forming optics do not use True Color Optical Technology, TruColor is not True Color.” After one of my recent seminars about safety issues related to loupes and LED headlights, one of the seminar attendees brought her Orascoptic loupes and TruColor LED headlight to me […]