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Continuing Education: The Core Ergonomic Rules You Should Not Break

ErgoPractice News – September 2014
By Jin Chang PhD

SurgiTel was founded to help clinicians see better while working safely and ergonomically. To advance that mission, SurgiTel has collaborated with Dental Learning and Timothy J. Caruso PT MBA. Together we have created a Continuing Education course bringing to light the facts on Clinical Ergonomics.

Our products, our innovations, and the whole of our history have been devoted to that goal. We distribute our ErgoPractice News packed with technical facts on ergonomic tenants based on proven scientific principals. We share the stories of clinicians who have suffered daily pain and career-ending injuries due in part to non-ergonomic products still sold today. Through study clubs and partnerships with other authors, we get out the information on true ergonomics which is too often obscured in anecdotal evidence and sales pitches.

The fruit of our collaborative efforts is a webinar that reviews why there is an epidemic of pain among dental professionals, surgeons, and other clinicians. It then shares how we can use currently available tools and techniques to reduce or eliminate that pain.

The webinar is based on technical information on the ergonomics of seating, loupes and headlights which has been proven through evidence-based research. Because of the clinical research-based contents, the webinar was awarded CE credit from the ADA. There are no sales pitches or anecdotal evidence in this presentation, only facts.

The webinar is a short (1 hour) but powerful demonstration of the requirements of clinical ergonomics. You will learn the ergonomic rules which you should not break, lest you suffer the consequences. You will learn the ergonomic safety requirements of loupes, LED headlights, and stools. And you will learn how to address any pain and/or injuries that have already developed from a poor working posture. After taking this webinar, you will not only know the facts of what is truly ergonomic equipment but also know how to use them.

As a special offer to readers of the ErgoPractice News, we would like to offer you this CE for free by using the code on the final page of this letter. Even if you don’t suffer from work-related pain, there may be some helpful practices inside you can share with your office.

And if you know of a colleague suffering from neck, upper back, and/or shoulder pain, please share this offer with them. The webinar will be of no cost to them, and could very well provide them the keys to changing their work, and life, for the better.

Jin Chang, Ph.D