Build Your Dental

Dental ErgoPractice

With a significant amount of time leaning over your patients, the risks of developing an
unhealthy work posture are great. Bad equipment can lead to strains, pains and even
long-term injury. SurgiTel’s advanced magnification, unique tilt angles and multiple ergonomic
patents means that you can do your work comfortably.

The SurgiTel

Dental Ergo Advantage

  • Patented posture enhancing technology
  • Weight distributing frames for all day comfort
  • Our Oakley partnership provides both sturdy and stylish frames
  • One stop for all you need to build your Custom Dental ErgoPractice

Next Generation Loupe Technology

  • The lightest loupes
  • The best loupe posture
  • The most magnification options
  • Truly customized TTL and FLM options

Next Generation LED Technology

  • Powerful LED technology
  • Uniform beam/multi-lens technology - Patented
  • True co-axial illumination for a shadowless working area
  • Either headband or on-loupe-mounting

All-Day Comfort

  • Essential for an ergonomic working posture
  • To prevent back and neck stress and strains
  • Seat, back and arm each have multiple adjustments to fit to you
  • Patented 2D and 3D support arms

Loupes with Eye Protection

  • X-Ray Leaded Lenses, recommended for imaging procedures
  • Laser Filters, prescription or regular lens options
  • Image Enhancement Filters, for enhanced color and contrast
  • Polarizing Filters, for glare reduction and enhanced clarity

Share & Document Procedures

  • Capture on video your work area as you see it
  • The first loupe-mounted, patented digital video camera system
  • Digitally document every step of your procedure, clearly recording the process