Testimonial – Dr. Violeta Cepule

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“To me, loupes are a necessary instrument in my work.”

Dr. Violeta Cepule
Kaunas, Lithuania

“Many young doctors believe that the loupes are needed only for older age dental specialists who can’t rely on their own sight anymore. It is a totally false statement. I am a General Dental Practitioner with 35 years of experience. To me, loupes are a necessary instrument in my work. In the beginning of my practice, I had been using a simple headband magnifying glass which I found lacking in both the quality of the magnification and ergonomics. Then, in 2007 I discovered individually personalized SurgiTel loupes. Before ordering my first pair of SurgiTel loupes, I tried different loupe brands, and did not like them. I have remained faithful to SurgiTel loupes. In 2022, I ordered my third pair of loupes. My SurgiTel rep, Paulius Sulte, was always available whenever I needed something. I am very pleased with SurgiTel’s products and service.”