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Ergo Max Loupes: New Breakthrough Design in Ergonomic Loupes

ErgoPractice News – February 2016
By Jin Chang PhD

Ergo Max Brings High-Power Magnification, Ergonomics and Comfort Together in One Loupe.

Since our founding in 1993, SurgiTel has strived to be the industry leader in Vision and Ergonomics. We were the first to develop Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM) loupes with customizable declination angles to prevent chronic neck pain. The first with battery-operated Loupe-Mounted Headlights, and Achromatic LED Headlights Optics for the best color accuracy and eye safety. The first Loupe-Mounted Video Cameras (SurgiCam®). The first truly Touch-free LED Headlights (Eclipse®) to prevent cross-contamination. And now, we are very proud to announce the newest leap forward in the field of Vision & Ergonomics: The Ergo Max Loupe.

Ergo Max Loupes are ergonomic, Through-The-Lens (TTL) Loupes built with the Ergo Max frame to prevent or alleviate the chronic neck pain which results from the use of traditional TTL loupes with small declination angles. The Ergo Max frames are developed specifically for ergonomic loupes.

All frames used with loupes today were not developed to allow TTL loupes to have true custom declination angles for the best working postures. Although SurgiTel custom frames and Oakley frames (which have large pantoscopic tilt angles) can allow TTL loupes to have significantly better declination angles than traditional TTL loupes, they have some limitations for customers with higher nose height and higher magnification powers. In order to eliminate these limitations, SurgiTel developed the Ergo Max frame.

The Ergo Max Frame (patent pending) has polymer/metal temple arms with a special nose pad for strength and comfort. The sturdy, titanium build supports any loupe power, including 8.0x. And the unique lens design supports an extreme declination angle for a truly custom, ergonomic fit.

Early evaluations by clinicians describe Ergo Max as being “a very big deal” and that it “will be transforming the health of dentists and surgeons worldwide.”

If you or someone you know has working pain in their neck, shoulders, or upper back – please contact us. Believe me, things have changed. The old limitations no longer apply!