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First Truly Touch-Free Headlight: The Eclipse LED

ErgoPractice News – September 2015
By Jin Chang PhD

SurgiTel Has Introduced the World’s First Truly Touch-Free Headlight

Every time a gloved hand touches a switch or a button, there is a risk of cross-contamination. Most electronics cannot be autoclaved, and no matter how well we wipe down the outside of these tools, some material that may risk your patient remains.

Several attempts to create touch-free lights have come before. This includes push switches or pressure-sensitive switches, all of which need touching. These halfway solutions attempt to provide greater convenience for the clinician and faster and easier operation. But they more often cause difficulty when contact with seating or other objects turns your headlight on and off as you’re trying to work.

SurgiTel then developed the Eclipse LED. We designed and developed a lightweight IR-sensor (patent pending) which turns the headlight on/off with a wave of the hand.

This aseptic solution is truly touch-free.1 The clinician turns on the headlight once, puts on their gloves, and can work the rest of the day by turning their headlight on/off with a wave of the hand. The clinician need not touch the LED unit or controls in any way, until they’re ready to put their loupes away.

Are you touching your headlight controls with gloved hands? Are your assistants adjusting your headlight when they could be helping in other ways? Are you fiddling with some other halfway solution? Are you risking your clients’ health in any way by allowing the risk of cross-contamination?

The business as usual way is to continue facing that risk. It is to continue to choose for your patients what level of risk they should take.

The alternative, a solution available today, is the Eclipse LED. The lightweight solution contains all the same features as SurgiTel’s standard headlights. It includes our achromatic beam with top-notch beam quality and color accuracy,2 along with the added convenience and safety provided by the touch-free feature.

For easier, faster and safer work with less hassle – contact your SurgiTel rep for an in-office demo. You may just be surprised by the ease and simplicity of this solution.


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