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NEW Innovation With Ergo Fit Nose Pads

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ErgoPractice News – August 2018
By Jin Chang PhD


Today more clinicians want to utilize the performance power of high-power prism (or Keplerian) loupes. Since these high-power prism loupes are heavier, loupe frames require comfortable nose pads that can effectively support the weight. Ideally, nose pads for loupe frames should easily conform over various nose shapes, support the weight of loupes and create an optimal space between oculars and eyes. This would maximize comfort and loupe performance.

In 2017, SurgiTel introduced the Ergo Fit Nose Pad (EFNP) design. It was invented to help fit our Through-The-Lens (TTL) loupes to any clinician, no matter their facial features. Since then we have continued to expand on the initial EFNP designs. Recently, we have created three interchangeable wire mounts that can be applied to all our loupe frames. These designs will be released in September 2018.

In this August issue, we will briefly describe the features of these nose pad types and how they will help better fit loupes to clinicians for better performance.

Main Fitting Issues of TTL Loupes

The main fitting problem of TTL loupes is that oculars are often too close to the eyes, contributing to the following issues:

  • Eyelashes touching the oculars (Figure 1).
  • Fogging carrier lenses or sweating issues due to lack of ventilation.
  • Peripheral vision blocked by ocular.

Standard, non-customizable nose pads do not accommodate a large variety of nose shapes, and they do nothing to disperse the weight of oculars or minimize strain on the nose or face of the clinician.

With the EFNP system, the space between the oculars and eyes can be optimized, eliminating most of these fitting issues. Additionally, the weight of loupes can be distributed over the nose bridge evenly.

SurgiTel’s New EFNP Innovation for True Custom Fit

Two types of nose pads have been used with SurgiTel loupe frames: (1) clip-on type and (2) screw-on type. We designed two-wire nose pad mounts for clip-on nose pads and one for screw-on nose pads. These nose pad mounts allow greater adjustability and fine-tuning for clinicians with various facial features. All three of our new designs are geared toward solving fitting issues of TTL loupes for various facial types.

1. Wire With Straight Arms for Clip-On Type String Nose Pads

This nose pad mount may be ideal for clinicians with a high nose bridge (Figure 2). The flexibility of the wire nose pad mounting legs allows for the easy adjustment of nose pads (widening or narrowing mounting arms), effectively raising and lowering oculars for best alignment and visual performance.

2. Wire With Adjustable Arms for Clip-On Type String Nose Pads

Notice that this nose pad mount features a hook shape at the bottom where the nose pads are mounted (Figure 3). This is different from the Wire with Straight Arms above because the nose pad has the ability to be adjusted not only by widening and narrowing, as above, but also toward and away from the face. This adjustability is ideal for bringing the nose pad closer to the nose bridge for maximum comfort and visual performance.

3. Wire With Adjustable Arms for Screw-On Type Nose Pads

Similar to the Wire Mount with Adjustable Arms for Clip-on Type Nose Pad, the Wire Mount with Adjustable Arms for Screw-on Type Nose Pads features multiple directions of adjustability for the most comfort and customization (Figure 4). This wire mount combined with SurgiTel’s string nose pads is ideal for most customers and facial types. It securely conforms to the nose pad over the shape of the nose.

Since these wire mounts share the same type of EFNP Attachment Block they are interchangeable. Another EFNP Attachment Block is available (not pictured) which can hold a drop-in Rx lens.

With these innovative, patent pending EFNP systems we are able to provide all potential SurgiTel users with the most comfortable, customized, and truly ergonomic loupes that can prevent or alleviate chronic neck pain. We continue to innovate to provide our customers with the best of vision and ergonomics at work!

If you or someone you know is interested in trying loupes with Ergo Fit Nose Pads, contact your local representative.

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