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NEW Prime EX Loupe Design Maximizes Vision and Ergonomics

ErgoPractice News – August 2019
By Jin Chang PhD

UPDATE: The Prime EX Frame has been discontinued and replaced by the ArmorFlex.

Visit our Frames page to see current frame options.

As the leading innovator for clinical vision systems, we take pride in continually refining our products to provide the best in vision and ergonomics. Our innovations truly lead to better visual performance and to the best ergonomics for all our clients. Our newest product is the optimal frame design for greater adaptability, comfort, personal adjustability, and performance.

The new Prime EX frame is a combination of our proven technologies. The Prime EX has many beneficial features to the user including lens options for optimal eye protection and comfort, the exclusive Ergo Fit Nose Pad system, and in various eye-catching colors (Figure 1).


While our release of new colors makes this frame a stylish choice, SurgiTel also made sure to incorporate the most important factors to make it as ergonomic, comfortable, and custom-fitting for all. Three of the main features include 3-point-fit, Ergo Fit Nose Pad system, and Suspended Magnification.

3-Point Fit

The Prime EX frame is a sports style frame. This design works well for loupes because of its lightweight, a large pantoscopic tilt, 3-point fit, and wrap-around design which means there is no need for side shields. The 3-point fit means the frame holds onto the head behind the ears (2 points), in addition to sitting on the nose (1 point) (Figure 2). This means the weight of the loupe is distributed much better than traditional designs and allows for greater comfort.

Ergo Fit Nose Pad System

The custom Ergo Fit Nose Pad system is built into the Prime EX design. The nose pads allow easy custom fitting for various nose types, maximizing comfortability. The nose pads also prevent fogging, eliminates eyelashes touching the lens, and are Drop-In Rx compatible. Users can widen or narrow the pads outward for ocular height adjustment by pulling toward the face for low noses and pushing the pad away from the face for high noses.1

Our Ergo Fit Nose Pad system allows for greater comfort and multi-point adjustability, enabling you to adjust the alignment to your features easily, whereas other brands do not tend to build to good alignment and are less adjustable when you receive your loupes. Giving you, the user, the ability to fine-tune your fit means you can place your optics where they provide the best alignment and clarity for you!

Suspended Magnification

SurgiTel has patented a design feature that uses proprietary production technologies to build the ocular below the bottom limit of the loupe lens shape. This permits our loupes to achieve a steeper declination angle than any other company. This prevents you from having to bend your neck and head to see better. The technology works in conjunction with other features, such as pantoscopic tilts, to provide the best ergonomic safety and comfort.

A Note on Large Declination Angle Claims

Be careful of large declination angle claims! The most accurate way to measure is to use a reference line where the corner of the eyes and top of the ear line up. Some manufacturers use the temple arms of the frame as a reference point, however, if the temple arms are not parallel to the true reference line, declination angles are claimed as much steeper than they truly are.2 Many loupes manufacturers often use this trick to show a fake steep declination angle in efforts to lure customers.

The best way to determine if loupes are ergonomic or not is to measure the head tilt angle during use. This is measuring the actual impact of the loupes on you and these results cannot be faked!

In Closing

SurgiTel continues to make product changes that make real enhancements based on continual evaluation leads and customer feedback in order to enhance the performance and comfort of the loupes you wear every day.

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Despite all the different loupe providers, many clinicians find it a challenge to find well-fitting loupes with good ergonomics. Many clinicians work in pain not knowing there is a different path.

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