New Product Release! Micro Prism Loupes

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ErgoPractice News – July 2013

New Product Release!

The mission of SurgiTel / General Scientific Corporation is to improve clinicians’ Vision, Posture, and Comfort. SurgiTel’s first products were customizable Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM) loupes because, at first, only they could meet our ergonomic standards.

Only once SurgiTel itself created the patented technology to build truly ergonomic loupes did we sell our Through-the-Lens (TTL) loupes.

And now, using advanced miniaturization by patented technologies, we have taken all the advances of previous generation prism loupes and concentrated them into a smaller size and lighter weight. These are our new Micro Prism Loupes. This means higher performing optics at the lower weight required for SurgiTel’s all-day-comfort.

Available in 3.0x, 3.5x, and 4.5x these loupes have our ErgoVision HD optics with multi-layered optical coatings, wide field-of-view, and longer depths-of-field. They are available in both FLM and TTL styles and fit perfectly on our exclusive Oakley frames made of ultra-lightweight and sturdy materials.

To learn more visit or call 1-800-959-0153 to get in touch with your local representative.