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Prism Technology Facilitates Professional Magnification

ErgoPractice News – November 2015
By Jin Chang PhD

New Levels of Vision Bring New Levels to Clinician’s Work

In the past prism loupes were extremely heavy and not comfortable to wear and were drastically limited. In effect clinician’s had to choose between struggling with heavy and difficult to use loupes, or to struggle through with lower magnifications.

In order to prepare higher magnification prism loupes for effective clinical use, SurgiTel had to develop our own designs. We started with our design requirements. We needed loupes that were lightweight, with generous field of view and depth of field, which could be mounted in both Front-Lens-Mounted (FLM) and Through-The-Lens (TTL) styles.

We started by developing our Compact Line Loupes (patented) in FLM style by creating new rack designs with stabilization features (patented) for support and stability. To make prism TTL loupes, we created our own Titanium frame called the Aero (patented) which provided the necessary support and stability. Then SurgiTel further developed miniaturization of 3.0x to 4.5x magnifications to the Micro Line (patented) (see sidebar Prism Comparisons).

Clinicians using our prism loupes now have greatly enhanced vision which is lightweight and easy to use. Clinicians have reported seeing things they’ve never seen before.1 They have reported doing their work in new ways and achieving results they never thought were possible.2 Third-party reviewers have described Micro Prism Loupes as “lighter than most [low-power] loupes”3 and the view from Prism Pro Loupes as “awesome.”4

Today’s clinicians may not realize they are seeing less detail on average then their predecessors using the same lower magnifications. Due to better ergonomic postures, clinicians are sitting up straighter and further away from their patients. More than ever clinicians will need higher magnifications than the old standards.

Whatever magnification you use, have you tried going higher?

If you would like to see how you could work better and faster, you owe it to yourself and your patients to contact your local rep to at least try out these loupes. You might be surprised by what you can see!



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