Save On Long-Term Maintenance Costs With SurgiTel

ErgoPractice News – June 2023
By Jin Chang PhD


In various fields such as dentistry, surgery, and veterinary, loupes and LED headlights have become indispensable tools that enhance visual acuity and improve precision. These specialized optical devices allow professionals to magnify details of objects and thus enables clinicians to perform intricate tasks with unparalleled accuracy. However, like with any other piece of equipment, loupes and LED headlights require proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity. While the initial investment in high-quality ergonomic loupes may seem substantial, it is crucial to consider the long-term benefits they offer, including reduced maintenance costs. In this month’s issue of ErgoPractice News, we will explore the designs that SurgiTel has created to help clinicians save on long-term maintenance costs. When purchasing loupes and LED headlights long term costs are often overlooked.

Working Distance Caps

One of the maintenance costs when using loupes is updating the reading Rx prescription to restore the working distance that can increase due to aging eyes. As the accommodation power of the eyes decreases, it requires individuals to use reading glasses to read books. Once we start using reading glasses, the reading Rx changes frequently over time, and the Rx will need to be updated. The reading power may change around seven times as we age. To help combat the expensive Rx changes, SurgiTel invented our patented interchangeable working distance caps to allow clinicians to restore the working distance of loupes by replacing the working distance caps with higher diopter power which restores the working distance (Figure 1). With SurgiTel loupes, users can save on significant maintenance costs amounting to possibly several thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the loupes. Since the working distance caps can be shipped directly to the clinician there is zero downtime from needing to send in your loupes.

Figure 1: Working distance caps for Galilean and prismatic loupes.

FLM Carrier Lens

One advantage of FLM (Front-Lens-Mounted) over TTL (Through-The-Lens) is if you need a Rx change in the eyeglass lenses as any optical shop can update the eyeglass Rx. Whereas the maintenance cost of Through-The-Lens (TTL) loupes is more expensive because updating the Rx of the carrier lenses is the same as assembling TTL loupes. Even if you are only updating the Rx inside your loupe optics, this change in Rx may take several weeks as your loupes will need to be returned to the manufacturers for the update to be performed. A backup pair of loupes is recommended as many clinicians realize just how indispensable their loupes have become in their practice. Note: An advantage of having FLM loupes as a backup loupe is that they can be adjusted to fit anyone in the office. 

Battery Pack Cells

Figure 2: Example of a replaceable battery cell.

The cells in SurgiTel’s battery packs are easily replaceable, providing clinicians with various advantages including convenience, versatility, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. The replaceable aspect of SurgiTel’s battery cells offers long-term savings. The ability to replace individual cells instead of the entire battery unit can result in significant cost savings over time. Users can purchase replacement cells as needed rather than investing in an entirely new LED battery unit when the original cells degrade (Figure 2). Other LED headlight systems are made to be disposable, as clinicians cannot update the battery and will need to buy an entirely new battery pack just to replace the battery cell. Over the course of a clinicians career, this may cost upwards of $1,000 as battery packs can cost up to $500 for one replacement battery.

LED Light and Cable With Extension Cable Replacement

Figure 3: Replacement light & cable with extension cable.

Over time, the original cable in an LED headlight system may experience wear and tear, leading to reduced electrical conductivity and compromised performance. SurgiTel offers replacements for both the LED light and cable as well as the extension cable (Figure 3). Offering replacements for these parts ensures a consistent and efficient performance of the LED headlight. A worn-out or damaged cable can result in an intermittent or flickering headlight, causing inconvenience and safety concerns. Clinicians can easily replace LED light and cable or the extension cable, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures or malfunctions without needing to replace the entire LED headlight system to only replace the worn out cables. Other brands that do not offer a replaceable cable require clinicians to purchase a whole new LED headlight system, which may cost upwards of $1,000.

SurgiTel’s Tune Up Program

Keep your loupes feeling like new with SurgiTel’s Tune Up program. Neglecting the maintenance of loupes can lead to frequent repairs, premature replacements, and compromised performance, all of which can have significant financial implications. Because SurgiTel loupes and LED headlights have small replaceable parts, it allows us to offer a Tune Up program to help clinicians maintain their loupes and keep them in great condition (click here to learn more). To keep loupes working like new we recommend that clinicians should send their loupes in for a tune up at least once a year. By understanding and implementing this practice, clinicians can prolong the lifespan of their loupes, maximize their efficiency, and ultimately achieve substantial savings in the long run.