Photo of Dr. Daniel Pernoud DDS

Testimonial – Dr. Daniel Pernoud, DDS

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“As Long As I’m Wearing My SurgiTel Loupes, I Do Not Have Pain.”

Daniel Pernoud, DDS

Daniel Pernoud earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Dentistry in 2012, where he received numerous prestigious awards and honors, including membership in Omicron Kappa Upsilon National Dental Honor Society and highest academic achievement in Xi Psi Phi Dental Fraternity. Dr. Pernoud also completed a General Practice Residency program at the Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center in Houston, Texas. After moving back home to St. Louis, Missouri to practice general dentistry, he focuses on surgery, implants, 3D printing dental technology, and treatment of oral cancer patients.

I have been wearing SurgiTel loupes since I was a dental student in 2009. I have always depended on them for better clarity to ensure high-quality work, especially as it relates to engineering and design of restorations. SurgiTel was not my first experience with loupes. I used Orascopic and Designs for Vision loupes before trying SurgiTel. As an indecisive person, I felt it was important to learn with trial and error. Getting fit for TTL telescopes was always a hassle with every other loupe company. SurgiTel was the only one to get my facial dimensions correct for my telescope placement. Therefore, I have consistently returned to SurgiTel for all my needs.

Neck pain seems to happen when you least expect it. During my work, I am so focused that I forget to maintain posture, especially during oral surgery. I find myself arching my neck and back over my patients like a witch over a cauldron. My SurgiTel loupes and telescopes are positioned so precisely that I can use my eyes instead of my head to reach the steep angles. Headaches were also a problem for me with former loupes. The positioning of the telescopes and the wrap-around frames cured me of this problem. As long as I’m wearing my SurgiTel loupes, I do not have pain. Comfort is key, especially during longer procedures. Fatigue was an issue that came more quickly with poor posture and a narrow field of view. I found myself rushing through procedures to give my eyes and neck a rest. I do not experience this anymore. My SurgiTel loupes allow me to spend the time I need to ensure high-quality results for my patients.

My favorite advantages my SurgiTel loupes have over the competition are the lightweight and balanced nature of the frames, the positioning of the telescopes, and the extra-long depth of field. Have you ever looked through binoculars while standing with nothing to support your arms? The image shakes with your body, making it hard to stay focused. At high magnifications, the depth of field allows you to see everything despite these subtle movements of your body during procedures.

I love my SurgiTel Eclipse LED headlight. I keep spares, and I make my hygienists use them. The SurgiTel Eclipse LED headlight is lightweight and sanitary with the touch-free on/off controls. The defined boundaries are a must to keep the light out of patients’ eyes. I do not have overhead lights in the office anymore. My patients notice this and express appreciation for not blinding them during procedures. Not to mention, I do not experience any eye strain as I have with competitors’ lights. Additionally, the eye-safe neutral light allows me to have confidence in my shade selection. It mimics the desired appearance of sunlight very well.

I used Designs for Vision loupes for a few months. The product was frustrating, and interaction with the rep felt uncaring in nature. When I insisted on returning them, I was told that I was making a mistake and that, if I cannot handle Designs for Vision loupes, I would be unable to handle any pair. Fortunately, this was not true. Dan Green is my SurgiTel rep. He has always answered the phone or called me back immediately. He addresses my concerns quickly. I’ve never felt like he is trying to sell me something. He genuinely listens to what I’m looking for and helps me find what I need. Dan has never made me feel overcritical for expressing my opinions of their product line. He understands that if one variable of my loupes isn’t perfectly tuned to me, I suffer headaches, neck/back pain, or eye-strain. He helps me find the perfect combinations of frames, telescope position, telescope magnification, and light to keep me practicing my best dentistry.

I strongly recommend SurgiTel to all dental professionals. They provide a high-quality product and allow a trial period to make sure everything feels correct when first trying a pair. I have been practicing for eight years, and I already own three pairs of loupes and two sets of lights. My hygienists feel the same way about SurgiTel, and we all use SurgiTel exclusively. More importantly, my loupes are invisible to me. Former brands made me feel the burden of magnification as if it were a sacrifice for better dentistry. Now, the frames, the telescopes, and the light work together harmoniously. Finally, there is no more compromising. I will continue to do business with SurgiTel for decades to come.

– Dan Pernoud, DDS
St. Louis, MO