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Testimonial – Dr. Katherine Staniek, DMD

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What They Didn’t Teach Us in Dental School — Finding Pain Relief with SurgiTel

Katherine Staniek, DMD

“I think it’s very important for students and residents to consider ergonomic tools during their training, this is why: shortly after school and residency training, I started getting neck pain and headaches. For a while I just took Ibuprofen and it went away. However, I started realizing that the frequency and intensity of my pain started to increase.

After about 1 year of this, I told myself that it was enough. I’m young why am I suffering? I have to practice dentistry for at least another 20 years. I started reading about ergonomics and muscle strengthening exercises. Then I asked my dental friends about it to see if they were going through this same kind of thing. I started going to the chiropractor three times a week. It definitely helped but if I had one rough day at work, I started feeling pain again.

One of my colleagues said that it might be the loupes I’m using. So I saw his and realized that the angle of declination of my loupes from dental school was all wrong!!! I can’t believe the reps would measure us like this. My friend told me to check out SurgiTel and told me how awesome his rep Gregg is. Fast forward a year and a half later I contacted Gregg and my life has never been the same!

Gregg is awesome and very patient. He explained to me all the different specifications about the loupes and how I was supposed to be measured. He was very flexible with time and spent a lot of time at my office to measure me accurately. Whenever I had a question or concern he responds to my texts and calls right away and most importantly, he is true to his word. Gregg goes out of his way to make sure that the customer is happy. I am very satisfied. And my neck and ergonomics is much better as well. Would highly recommend Gregg and SurgiTel!”

– Dr. Katherine Staniek, DMD