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Testimonial – Dr. Tejas R. Shah

Clinicians Love SurgiTel

Tejas Shah, MD, FACC, RPVI

I am a practicing Vascular Surgeon. Like most, when I first started my surgical career during training, I bought my first pair of loupes from Designs for Vision. Over the years, I began to feel significant pain in the lower cervical spine, particularly on long cases. I generally accepted the mediocrity of my loupes as the standard since everyone around me had the same brand. Once I started to practice, I discovered SurgiTel. I was hooked due to the superior ergonomics, but I came back to buy a second pair (3.5x) because of the excellent customer service. Gregg Szymanski did an excellent job identifying the right frames for me and providing me with a superior fit. My magnified field of vision is incredible (unlike my first pair in training). My neck pain has vastly improved and I find myself going longer on cases without fatigue due to the fit and ergonomics. The follow-up service is also incredible with responsive and timely attention. I highly recommend SurgiTel.

-Tejas Shah, MD, FACC, RPVI