Photo of Dr. Howard S Glazer DDS

Testimonial – Dr. Howard S. Glazer, DDS

Eclipse™ Touch-Free LED Headlight

Dr. Howard S. Glazer, DDS

I always have been a fan of SurgiTel® loupes. In particular, their two-hinge design for flip-up loupes goes a long way toward preventing and alleviating neck problems that result from poor posture when examining patients’ mouths. Recently, I began using the new Eclipse™ Micro Touch-Free LED Headlight with my SurgiTel flip-up loupes, and it has become an invaluable asset. In my mind, a light with loupes is mandatory for treating patients. Not only does it allow for maximum illumination and visibility, but it also makes us less dependent on the overhead operatory light. And, when we move from the mouth to talk with a patient, there is no more shining the light in the patient’s eyes.

Simply waving your hand in front of the light will turn it off or on. This translates to an aseptic advantage since you don’t have to touch the battery pack or any on/off switch. There are two models—the Eclipse Mini and the Eclipse Micro. Both have the wave-on/off feature and a lightweight lithium-ion battery pack (5.2 ounces), plus each model allows you to control its degree of brightness. The Eclipse Micro is lighter and 14 mm in diameter versus the Mini’s 19 mm diameter. There is an orange flip filter available for either model, a must-have accessory for adhesive resin restorations. These LED headlights also can be adapted to any loupe system. Two other benefits are the uniformity of the light beam and that there is no color change in the light regardless of the depth of field—so you see the actual color of a tooth and the materials you are using. SurgiTel always has been a trusted name in loupes, and it is now true for headlights, too, thanks to its Eclipse Touch-Free LED offerings.