Photo of Photo of Dr. Nichole Anderson DDS RDH

Testimonial – Dr. Nichole Anderson, DDS, RDH

A Lifelong SurgiTel Customer

“I would never even consider changing companies.”

Dr. Nichole Anderson, DDS, RDH

Nichole Smith Anderson has been a dental hygienist since 2006 and graduated with her DDS in May 2020. She is currently in a hospital-based General Practice Residency at Denver Health Medical Center and also owns and operates the Institute of Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, speaking nationally about myofunctional and airway disorders. In addition to practicing clinical dentistry, she provides myofunctional therapy for patients with abnormal resting posture, oral habits, and airway dysfunction, and she teaches other dental professionals how to incorporate the therapy into their clinical practice.

I have been wearing SurgiTel FLM loupes since 2004, when I was in my first year of dental hygiene school. I was fortunate to find this company and establish good posture and ergonomics early in my dental career. I have several peers that were not so lucky, and have since experienced not only poor quality with their loupes (having to send them back several times for repairs), but also debilitating neck pain that has impacted their careers, forcing some to retire early.

Now that I am in my final year of dental school, I have acquired four pairs of SurgiTel FLM loupes over the years of practicing (2.0x, 3.0x, 3.5x, and 6.5x) and continue to be comfortable. I have lent pairs out to friends who have been having terrible neck pain. Within days of wearing SurgiTel loupes, their neck pain diminished. They are lightweight, high quality, and deeply declinated to comfortably wear all day, procedure after procedure. I only recommend SurgiTel FLM loupes to my classmates and peers. I would never even consider changing companies.

In addition to the excellent products, I have experienced unparalleled customer service. While my classmates cannot get their loupes rep to return their phone calls, my rep, Dan Green, emails or texts me back within hours and addresses any modifications or questions I may have. I have not needed any repairs on any of my loupes for 15 years, but I continue to look for upgrades or inserts to incorporate with newly integrated dental technology (lasers, cameras, lights, etc.), which SurgiTel is equipped to deliver. They are always up to date with current technology.

I tell my peers and classmates that it is never too late to change loupes, especially if it means an upgrade in quality, comfort, and ergonomics, which are all career extenders that allow you to be comfortable and deliver high-quality care to your patients. I am happy to say that I am a life-long SurgiTel customer.