Collecting the Required Information to
Troubleshoot TTL Loupes

Please help us by collecting this information before returning your loupes for repair 


Please watch this video:

Please provide the following pieces of information as described in the video:

  1. 1. Front Photo (example)
  2. 2. Side Photo (example) (remove side shields)
  3. 3. Pivoted Photo (example)
  4. 4. Nose pad test results (link for your frame below)
  5. 5. Picture of Shadowing (example) or let us know if there is no shadowing
  6. 6. Closest and farthest focal distance (from nose bridge to target)
  7. 7. Distance field is a circle shape (from nose bridge to target)
  8. 8. Glasses, Reader or Cheater Prescription


Appendix & Reference Videos

If you need help with this process, please contact SurgiTel Customer Service at 1-800-959-0153