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What Would You Invest to Avoid a Work Stoppage of Two Weeks?

ErgoPractice News – January 2016
By Jin Chang PhD

Why You Need to Invest in You and Your Business This New Year With Backups

Like any tool you work with, your loupes could become lost, damaged, or just need their normal maintenance. I receive many calls and e-mails from clinicians who have sent their loupes to our facility, and in a few days suddenly ask in a panic when they can get their loupes back. They were surprised to find out just how much they relied on their loupes and how very difficult it was to work without them. Many choose to turn away patients and reschedule procedures so they can give their patients their best work. Essentially, a work stoppage was created.

The problem is not clinicians relying on their loupes, even though clinicians describe this an uncomfortable feeling (and some even avoid using loupes for that very reason!). For example, the lumberjack does not resent their axe. But, the lumberjack probably has a backup axe.

Backup loupes can be a saving grace in these unplanned situations. Luckily, backups come naturally as most clinicians upgrade in magnification throughout their careers and will have their old loupes on hand. Most clinicians is not every clinician, however, and those without a backup need to consider the pros and cons of purchasing loupes for backup purposes.

The only con I can think of is what if they were never needed? One could choose to take the risk, treat their loupes with kid gloves, schedule yearly maintenance to align with vacation periods, and plan on being lucky.

The pros of purchasing a new pair of loupes are not only for backup purposes. You will most likely be using the new loupes and storing the old ones. Most likely you will be able to upgrade in magnification with all the benefits therein. Technology is continually advancing and you will most likely see benefits in a lighter weight, better optical performance, and more comfortable frames. Also, many clinicians using high magnification may use a medium magnification loupe, which could be your backup, for examinations or other procedures.

Suffice it to say, when you purchase a backup, you are also at some level purchasing an upgrade.

To help those who wish to invest in this new year, we have created a New Year’s Special for those purchasing a backup or an upgrade to their current SurgiTel loupes.


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